Tips to reduce hair loss after keratin – Tips to reduce hair loss after keratin

Keratin makes your hair straight and sometimes shiny. But in the long run, you may notice many side effects. The most common side effect is the problem of “hair loss”.

Nowadays, various types of hair treatment methods are recommended. While women spend thousands of rupees on these treatments for straight, shiny, and thick hair, hair care treatments like keratin, hair straightening, hair straightening, etc. are in vogue these days. And the demand is increasing day by day as well. However, it makes your hair straight and shiny sometimes, but in the long run, you may notice many side effects. The most common side effect is the problem of “hair loss”. Today we will talk about hair loss after keratin. Dermatologist Dr. Su alias Suyomi has given some important tips to control the shedding. Hair loss after keratin So let us know how they can be controlled.

Know how to control hair loss after keratin.

1. Massage with rosemary oil

Mix 2 to 3 drops of rosemary oil with 1 teaspoon of a carrier oil, such as almond or argan oil. Then apply on the scalp and massage thoroughly using your fingers in circular motion. This increases blood circulation and adequate amounts of oxygen and nutrients reach the scalp. This is because the hair follicles remain healthy and maintain moisture in the scalp.

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Anti-inflammatory properties Antioxidants Including other important properties and nutrients Contained in rosemary oil, it penetrates deep into the scalp and promotes healthy hair growth. All of these factors can help you control hair loss. Oiling is an effective way to reduce hair loss. which everyone should use

Protein is essential for healthy bones and muscles.
for women Protein is essential for many processes in the body, from cells to muscles. Image: Adobe Stock

2. Foods rich in protein

As the experts say Consuming protein-rich foods such as tofu, lentils, gram, and beans can satisfy the body’s protein needs. These are very important for healthy hair growth. This is especially true if you experience hair loss after keratin and other treatments. This can help you deal with it. Meanwhile It is very important for normal people to get adequate amounts of protein. Helps control hair loss and helps control body weight. At the same time, it provides adequate energy to the body and strengthens the muscles.

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3. Avoid heating tools completely.

Heat styling equipment such as hair dryers, curling irons, and straighteners May cause excessive drying of the hair. This can cause hair to break. Repeated use of these tools It will make the hair weak and the problem of hair loss will start to become a problem. during hair straightening Hair straightening and keratin treatment require the hair to undergo a very high heat process. This causes great damage to the hair. In addition, due to the use of chemicals The hair therefore receives more damage. In this situation Using heating devices even after keratin will cause more damage to the hair.

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Heating tools harm your hair.
If you bring these devices into contact with wet hair, The drier the hair becomes. Image: Adobe Stock

4. Include these essential nutrients in your diet.

You can take dietary supplements such as those containing biotin, iron, zinc, and vitamin B12. These are some nutrients that are very important for hair health. Having the right amount of these things in your body helps maintain the health of your scalp and hair. There are also no problems such as hair loss and thinning.

5. Do not brush and comb wet hair.

Combing wet hair causes more breakage than dry hair. Protein in wet hair creates weak bonds. At the same time, after keratin treatment, the hair will be weaker than before. In this situation When you comb wet hair I will lack more. So, first let it dry completely and then comb your hair to control hair fall.

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