Shareer ke upper hardon ke liye exercise- upper body exercise

Sitting for long periods of time causes fat to accumulate in the upper part of the body. This causes rapid fatigue and change in posture. In this situation Regular chest exercises will strengthen your body. This increases strength and stamina in the body. It can also eliminate muscle tension. People who don’t dare to exercise Fat begins to accumulate in the body. which starts to cause weight to increase Because of this, problems such as cramps in various parts of the body began to increase In this situation Let’s learn about simple chest exercises. This will make your upper body stronger. (Exercise for the upper body)

These 4 poses are beneficial to the upper body.

1. Bench Press for shoulders

Bench press exercises prove beneficial in keeping the upper body toned. It also broadens the shoulders and strengthens the body. In addition, exercising like this regularly will cause the fat that has accumulated in the chest area to begin burning.

To perform a bench press, lie down on a gym table with the lower part of your body, such as your legs, on the floor.

By lifting weights and lifting the barbell above your head as instructed by the instructor.

During this time, control your breathing. Also, keep your elbows straight. to maintain balance in the arms

If you are a newbie Do this exercise according to your ability.

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Bench Press increases shoulder strength.
It works your overall muscles. Photo-Shutterstock

2. Pull-ups increase strength.

Pull-ups are called a complete exercise in themselves. which strengthens muscles throughout the body and regulates blood flow This warm-up exercise is also known as a compound exercise. This provides strength to the upper body and is also beneficial in weight loss.

In doing this Grasp the pull-up rod with both hands and pull your body up.

while pulling the body up Remember that the legs remain straight and the chin touches the stick.

If you want to do pull-ups Lift your body and hold the same position for a while.

Then slowly squat down. Because of this, the strength and stamina of the body begin to increase.

3. Deadlift for body strength

Deadlift exercises are an exercise that increases muscle growth and strength. This increases the strength in the body and the strength of the shoulder muscles. If you are a newbie Do this exercise only under the supervision of an instructor. This barbell rod exercise will increase your leg strength.

If you want to do a deadlift Stand up straight and bend your knees slightly.

After that, leave a small space. between both legs Then lift the barbell by bending down.

While doing this exercise Place your feet fully on the floor and keep your spine straight.

Stand upright by holding the cane and slowly lowering the cane. Repeat this step 3 to 4 times.

This makes the shoulders stronger.
When doing this exercise All the weight will start to come to your shoulders. As a result, the shoulder muscles will become stronger. Image: Adobe Stock

4. Chest fly to exercise the chest muscles.

Practicing this exercise is important for maintaining chest strength. This will strengthen the muscles and also increase the width of the chest. When doing this exercise All the weight will start to come to your shoulders. As a result, the shoulder muscles will become stronger.

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To do this Lie down on the mat and keep your back straight.

Now take the weight in both hands and lift it up. Bring it down to a stop near the chest and then go up.

You can also do chest fly exercises with the help of gym machines. Where this exercise is completed with the plates in the machine.

While doing this exercise Keep distance between both arms. Makes exercising easier

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