Some Important Facts Related to Retinol – Some Important Facts Related to Retinol

In addition to increased pollution in the environment In addition to the use of various chemical products, there are other causes. There are many things that can cause the skin to age prematurely. Retinol, on the other hand, is a product that helps compensate for the damage done to your skin. Retinol can compensate for damage caused by pollution, chemicals, and light exposure. Most skin experts and beauty experts now recommend using retinol. If you are going to use it for your skin too. You should know these 6 important facts about retinol.

In this Health Shots article, famous dermatologist Dr. Suyomi, also known as Dr. Su, shares many interesting facts about retinol. This will help you in using retinol on your skin correctly. (How to use retinol)

First, let’s understand how retinol works on your skin.

Retinol increases cell production and also opens clogged pores. Therefore, skin problems such as acne, blackheads, acne will not bother you. Retinol also helps exfoliate the skin and increases collagen production within the skin. All of these factors prevent premature skin aging. When used regularly Signs of aging such as wrinkles and hair will not be visible. And the skin remains youthful for a long time.

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Retinol is in great demand for the skin.
Retinol increases skin cell production. Image: Adobe Stock

Remember these 6 important points before using retinol on your skin. (How to use retinol)

1. Start with a lower concentration.

If you’re just starting to use retinol You shouldn’t use higher concentrations in the first place. Whether you apply serum Retinol moisturizer or cream, always start with a lower concentration. According to doctors, the concentration should be 0.25.

2. Understand application frequency

If you start applying retinol to your skin It is very important to be careful with how often you use retinol. As Dr. Su said Initially, apply once a week or a maximum of 2 times. You can gradually increase the frequency. After 4 to 5 weeks, for example, use once a day. After that, you can include it in your morning and nighttime skin care routine. This gives the retinol time to adjust to the skin and you can reap its maximum benefits.

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3. The “less is more” concept applies to retinol.

As specified by the doctor Do not apply excessive amounts of retinol to the skin. Mix 1-2 drops onto all areas of the skin using your fingertips. Just a small amount can do wonders for your skin.

Good skin cleansing is essential.
Retinol actually protects your skin from a multitude of problems. Image: Shutterstock

4. Consider the sandwich method.

If your skin is sensitive and easily affected by anything, you should use a sandwich retinol instead. Now you might be wondering, is this the sandwich method? As specified by the doctor The sandwich method means you first apply moisturizer to the skin. Apply retinol serum or cream over it. Then finally apply sunscreen on your face.

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5. Don’t skip sunscreen.

Retinol is light sensitive. So if you have sensitive skin. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen after application. However, this doesn’t just apply to people with sensitive skin. But all people with normal skin should apply sunscreen after using retinol to get the most benefit.

6. Retinol should not be used.

According to Dr. Su, women who are breastfeeding should not use retinol even unintentionally. You cannot use it in any form and in any concentration. Keep this in mind.

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