Do your chest. Do these 5 chest exercises.

Chest training shouldn’t just be about toning your chest. Your chest muscles are essential for arm movement and many physical functions. Having a strong chest is important for you to avoid any injuries.

Why are chest muscles important? (importance of chest muscles)

The chest muscles play a number of important roles. chest muscles It helps in pushing the arms away from the body or the body away from the arms. Throwing a ball, placing a baby in a crib, pulling yourself up off the floor or picking up something from a height. All done using the chest muscles.

The chest muscles are important for maintaining good posture as they support the shoulders and spine, which helps keep the body upright. Having strong breasts also improves lung function. It also helps improve your respiratory system.

Now let us know some exercises related to the chest. (chest exercise)


The secret to effective pushups is starting with the right form. Tight abdomen, straight back, neck aligned with the spine. and elbows close to the sides

Slowly lower yourself down, placing your hands directly under your shoulders.

Okay, as the name suggests, bring yourself back up.

Do 2-3 sets of 8-12 reps.

Hindu pushups.jpg
Push-ups give strength to the body along with exercise. Photo – Shutterstock

walking plank

Start in plank position. By keeping your body in a straight line. Squeeze your stomach as if you are trying to hold a balloon between your thighs.

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Push off the floor with one hand, maintaining the plank shape.

Switch hands and try repeating for 1 minute, then inhale and repeat as needed.

Break out the dumbbells.

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, your back straight, and hold a dumbbell with your elbows pulled toward your ribs and your palms facing each other.

Place your hands on your shoulders and biceps near your ears. Raise the dumbbells.

Complete 3-5 sets with 4-8 repetitions.

flying dumbbell

Lie on a bench holding a dumbbell above your chest with your arms slightly bent.

Raise the dumbbells up and down with your elbows slightly bent until you feel tightness in your chest.

Lift the dumbbell up. Stretch your arms out, using your chest muscles to lift the dumbbell back up.

Avoid locking your elbows together and maintain a steady movement.

chest exercises
Chest muscles are important for maintaining good posture. Because it helps support the shoulder and spine. Image – Adobe Stock

press up

Start by placing your hands and feet on the floor with your body in a straight line in a regular push-up position. Bend your elbows, lower your chest to the floor, and lift your body back up.

Next, you will lift your left hand off the floor and place all of your weight on your right hand. Rotate until the side of your body is parallel to the floor. Then start rotating your legs too.

When both arms are spread out Your body will form a “T” shape.

Lower your body back to the push-up position.

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