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This low-calorie diet will help you eat a variety of foods every day and lose weight without putting your health at risk or having your recovery affected.

Low-calorie foods are one of them. The most commonThis is because it basically consists of consuming more calories than you are consuming so that the body starts burning off its fat reserves. Within this type of regime are Various optionsThis is usually based on a diet ranging from 1,000 to 1,400 calories per day. Before starting is important. know your bodyCalculate your body mass index and see a nutrition expert to determine how many calories your body needs to start losing weight. Of course, an active lifestyle and exercise are an important part of any daily routine that, when combined with a rich and varied diet, It will be the basis of a low-calorie diet.

Exercise must also be a part of this diet.Exercise must also be a part of this diet.

If after some time has passed You need to get back to your ideal weight. Eating a low calorie diet will help you achieve your goals. But you have to prepare. Count caloriesWithout getting too obsessive, calorie counting is a basic step in this regimen. The same goes for tracking how much you burn. exercise. It is the most appropriate choice to make in due time without fear of being affected by later recovery. As long as you maintain healthy lifestyle habits. Therefore, a low calorie diet is not a miracle diet. But food is like that. Give results according to effort and strict control of body and mind

Tips for controlling a low calorie diet

Today’s hectic and saturated pace of life is taking its toll. our feeding and other healthy lifestyle habits, such as exercise or rest. This can lead to health problems such as stress or being overweight. For this reason, many experts recommend low-calorie diets because they are based on: mindful eating And in an active life it must always be within reasonable limits and appropriate to each metabolism. To give this regime a good start Please follow the following instructions:

You need to drink lots of water to get rid of toxins.You need to drink lots of water to get rid of toxins.
  1. Eat at least five meals a day: There is a miracle diet based on the fasting period. But low-calorie diets are quite the opposite. The objective is Light and frequent meals To keep the metabolism working and help burn calories. That is why making breakfast Eat a healthy snack in the morning. It is important to eat lunch at the right time. Then have a snack and finally dinner a few hours before bed. This method also helps. Controls appetite and anxietySo if done correctly You don’t have to be hungry.
  2. Mindful Kitchen: This ensures that each food receives maximum nutrients and does not add calories. It is important to cook food mindfully by steaming or grilling. Frying or using products with excess butter or oil adds fat and causes the food to lose many of its properties. So vegetables, if possible. raw or steamedWhile meat or fish can be baked or grilled.
  3. Drink lots of water: Drinking water is the best way. Eliminate toxins and keep the body hydrated Which is why experts recommend consuming between one and a half to two liters of fluid per day.
  4. Start an exercise routine: As mentioned above, exercise is considered Basic elements of eating low calorie foods So in addition to setting a calorie goal, It is also recommended to plan a sports routine, with walking, running or cycling as an alternative to going to the gym. Find something that doesn’t require too much effort and is also fun.
  5. Eat at the recommended time: carry Meal schedule And rest time is an important problem in losing weight. Which is why experts recommend eating breakfast between 7 and 9 am, not eating after 2 pm, and dinner between 8 and 9 am, leaving room for digestion before going to bed.
You will notice results more quickly.You will notice results more quickly.

Once you’ve followed these instructions, So will the low-calorie food you choose. More durable and simpleIn addition to noticing results more quickly. But still You have to remember that this is not a miracle food. But it is a healthy menu that will help you reach your ideal weight and maintain it.

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Example 1,200 calorie menu

In this case, the example diet described below is based on a daily caloric intake of 1,200 calories. The number of calories can be anything depending on your metabolism and the goals you want to achieve. Will it be lower or higher?. But this regime will help you lose weight without putting your health at risk. In addition to offering a wide variety of dishes and dishes, you can change it up from day to day and never get bored.

An example of a dish might be cauliflower and grilled chicken.An example of a dish might be cauliflower and grilled chicken.
  • breakfast: One glass low fat milk,40 grams Grains and a Black coffee or brew. Another option can be coffee with skim milk and 40 grams of whole wheat bread with 1 tablespoon of olive oil.
  • Late: about 20 grams Whole wheat bread with 60 grams Yorkham and black coffee or brewing is the second option You can choose 15 grams of biscuits with 20 grams of fresh skim cheese and coffee or brew.
  • potion: 150 grams cauliflower Boil or steam with 75 grams of grilled chicken and 100 grams of drumsticks. wish20 grams Whole wheat bread and for dessert 200 grams natural pineappleAnother menu might include 75 grams of 150 grams of vegetables (eggplant, capsicum and zucchini). meatballs,30 grams rice20 grams Whole wheat bread and 200 grams strawberry.
  • snack: Whole wheat bread 20 grams and 50 grams Burgos Cheese and a Black coffee or brew. Another option may be 15 grams. Muesli and a skim yogurt along with black coffee or beverages
  • dinner: Pasta soup (15 grams of raw pasta) with 50 grams of leeks and 25 grams of carrots, the second with 110 grams of grilled fish and 75 grams of chilli. lettuce and 75 grams tomatofollowed by 20 grams Whole wheat bread and for dessert 100 grams cherryAnother option could be a salad of 150 grams of lettuce, 150 grams of tomatoes, a potato omelet (100 grams of cooked potatoes and 1 egg) and 200 grams of orange.
One key is to strictly measure the calories you will consume.One key is to strictly measure the calories you will consume.

As seen in this menu Variety is a fundamental characteristic of this type of food. You don’t need to deprive yourself of any food groups, just eat wisely and strictly measure portions. It’s important to take the time to plan and cook meals every week so that each dish meets the recommended calorie and nutrient intake.

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