Mix these special herbs in a facial steam – Mix these special herbs in a facial steam

Nature decorates February in a special way. If you want to ditch the dryness of winter and add a natural glow to your face. These things can help you.

Love is in the air. And the light of love was evident on his face. But it is not necessary that this love is for others. Loving yourself includes taking care of yourself. That means self-care is self-love. When you’re sad, disappointed, and depressed, your skin can look dry, lifeless, and wilted. If you want to remove old stress spots from your face, facial steaming is a great way to go. But special days require special powers, so to help you, we have some natural remedies that can give your face a natural glow.

Skin problems are related. If you have acne and blackheads, dark spots will follow. Likewise, dirt accumulated in clogged pores also triggers acne and pimples. All of these things combine to affect the texture of the skin and make it look dull and lifeless.

To deal with these problems You can use steam to help. Steaming has many benefits for the skin. But you can make it more effective by adding some special ingredients to the steam. So let us know today with Health Shots the benefits of steam for skin. and how to make steam more efficient

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benefits of steaming in hindi
Know here how to properly steam your face. Photo: Shutterstock

Let’s get to know the benefits of steaming for the skin first. (Benefits of facial steaming)

1. Keep the skin completely hydrated.

Proper hydration helps maintain skin elasticity. There is a difference between a moisturizer and a moisturizer. Facial oils moisturize the skin. While water is needed for hydration. In this situation Steaming your face helps retain moisture in your skin.

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2. Skin care products are completely absorbed into the skin.

Steaming your face helps skin care products penetrate completely into the skin. after steam Products like toners, serums, and moisturizers penetrate deep into the skin and provide it with the right nutrients.

3. Increase blood circulation

HIT promotes blood circulation. To allow sufficient amount of oxygen to reach the skin. Makes the skin look completely healthy and glowing. Good circulation stimulates collagen and elastin. Elastin fibers help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and prevent premature aging.

Zinc for acne
Has wound healing properties. Image – Adobe Stock

4. Reduce acne.

Acne occurs when sebum gets stuck in skin cells. This increases the risk of bacterial growth, inflammation, and acne. Steaming your face opens the pores. pull out oil and prevent acne

Learn how to create effective steam. (Herbs for glowing skin)

1. This type of steam bath is for dry skin.

Grind together 2 to 3 bay leaves and 1 teaspoon cumin seeds.
Now place it in boiling water and add rose petals or rose essential oil to it.
Now cover your face with a towel and steam it thoroughly with this water.
It hydrates dry skin from within and also removes dead skin cells, making the skin look very glowing.

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2. This type of steam bath is for oily skin.

You need to add 2 to 3 bay leaves and 5 to 7 neem leaves in the steam.
Now add the green tea bag and lemon peel.
Add the basil leaves and let the water come to a good boil.
Now steam your skin with this water.
The steam opens the pores and softens the sebum. Makes cleaning easier
Helps reduce visible oil on the skin.

What skin problems can you treat with steam?
Steaming your face can solve many skin problems. Photo: Shutterstock

3. Soothes the skin

Put 5 cucumber slices in boiling water.
Add one bag of green tea and five drops of lavender essential oil to it.
Now steam your skin with this. It soothes the skin as well as reduces skin irritation.

4. Try this method to detox your skin.

Add lemon peel, green tea bag, and 5 drops of peppermint essential oil to boiling water.
Now steam your skin thoroughly with this water.
This helps maintain your natural glow by detoxifying the skin.

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