Lift heavy or light weights to build your body. What kind of weight lifting should you do for your muscles? Light weight or heavy?

Weightlifting is no longer just a man’s zone. But women also incorporate weight training into their daily routines. But when it comes to building muscle, you should know how to do it right.

Many people think that if they want to build muscle or a body, they have to go to the gym and lift heavy things. That’s why some people lift so much weight that the journey becomes painful. If you are afraid of lifting too much weight but want to increase your muscle strength. You should also know the answers to important questions related to weightlifting.

What does research on weight lifting say?

In one study Researchers reviewed 192 studies, including more than 5,000 people. The studies focused on three resistance training variables spanning several years. How much weight can you lift? and the number of times you lift It affects the amount of muscle you build. This involves one, two, three or more training sessions per week. Researchers collect and analyze huge amounts of data.

It has been found that lifting the heaviest weight possible three to five times is the best way to build strength. Weights that a person can lift 8 to 10 times are best for building muscle size.

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Benefits of weight lifting
For seniors or anyone who wants to be more active and healthy. Image – Adobe Stock

The researchers also noted that engaging in regular resistance training is more important than trying to increase strength and muscle mass.

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Muscle can be built even with simple exercises.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money or have luxury items to exercise to strengthen your muscles. You can gain many benefits from using bodyweight exercises at home. And you can learn many exercises from the information available on the internet. Resistance bands are another option for exercising at home.

Elderly people can also do weight training.

For seniors or people who want to be more active and healthy. Simple strength routine Very useful Whether you’re lifting weights, carrying groceries, or doing lunges or squats, these little things go a long way in strengthening your muscles.

Weight training is important for fat loss. Photo: Shutterstock
Weight training is important for fat loss. Photo: Shutterstock

If you are someone who wants fast results and wants to increase muscle size. Lifting heavier weights may be more beneficial, on the other hand, if you want to build both strength and muscle. and have patience to get results Lighter weights and higher reps may be better for you.

You can start with a light weight as well.

Lifting lighter weights and doing more repetitions. More will help you lose weight and have a tighter appearance. If you focus on burning fat In addition to lifting lighter weights and doing more repetitions, you should also do HIIT exercises. You should also incorporate cardio into your strength training routine. This gives the muscles time to repair and recover.

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