Know which probiotics are beneficial to consume – Know which probiotics are beneficial to consume

The good bacteria found in probiotics keeps the body healthy and also helps relieve high blood pressure problems. Know which probiotics can be avoided by including them in the diet. (Food to control blood pressure)

This is due to lifestyle changes and increased stress levels. The risk of developing high blood pressure is therefore starting to increase in people. In this situation People regularly take a variety of medications to treat their blood pressure. In addition to medicine Good health also requires the right amount of nutrients. The good bacteria found in probiotics help keep the body healthy and relieve high blood pressure problems. In this situation Blood pressure problems can be avoided by including probiotics in the diet. Know which probiotics can be avoided by including them in the diet. (Food to control blood pressure)

According to research from the American Society for Microbiology, 29 rats consumed probiotics and their blood pressure decreased. The study found that Bifidobacterium lactis and Lactobacillus rhamnos, two strains of probiotics found in foods like yogurt and cheese, are beneficial, helping in lowering blood pressure.

What are probiotics?

Regarding this, Dr. Aditi Sharma, Head of Nutrition and Dietetics at Manipal Hospital Ghaziabad, said that probiotics are microorganisms, i.e. living microorganisms. which helps in strengthening the body’s immune system These are found in fermented foods. It is found in many foods such as yoghurt, pickles, buttermilk, dhokla and kimchi.

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Know which probiotics are beneficial to consume.

1. Homemade sour milk

Probiotics are found mainly in yogurt that is rich in calcium. The good bacteria present in curd strengthens the body’s immune system. Moreover, the calcium contained in it regulates blood flow in the body. This reduces the risk of high blood pressure. According to the American Heart Association, women who consume yogurt 5 times a week The risk of high blood pressure begins to decrease. Actually, the potassium contained in it regulates the amount of salt in the body.

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Benefits of fresh sour milk
Curd is a good source of probiotics. Image: Shutterstock

2. Beetroot Kanji

Consuming kanji prepared from beetroot is beneficial for detoxifying the body. The body stays hydrated with this probiotic drink. Kanji prepared by mixing beetroot, carrot and puree helps in the production of red blood cells in the body. And it has natural nitrates in it. This reduces the possibility of high blood pressure in the body and is beneficial for cardiovascular health.

3. Dhokla

People suffering from high blood pressure should consume Dokla. The amount of magnesium it contains makes your blood vessels stronger. To do this The dough must first be fermented and then prepared. People who are struggling with the problem of weight gain, Dhokla is also a good option for them.

4. Pickles

Many types of salt and spices are used in the preparation of pickles. This will allow the pickles to ferment. Because of this, good bacteria begin to increase in the body. It also helps in eliminating toxins that are in the body. Consume small amounts of nutrient-rich pickles. Otherwise, it may have negative effects on the body.

Why are pickles beneficial to health?
Pickles ferment, and because of this, good bacteria start to increase in the body. Adobe stock photo.

5. Buttermilk

Consuming buttermilk keeps the body hydrated. The probiotics present in it promote healthy gut health. Consumption normalizes blood circulation in the body. This reduces the risk of heart problems. Vitamins, minerals, calcium and riboflavin are found in this fermented food. Drinking on an empty stomach increases the good bacteria in your body. which makes digestion healthy

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