If you want to tighten your calf muscles Do these exercises – Do these exercises to tone your calf muscles.

The daily increase in obesity in the body not only increases the fat in the stomach. But it also affects the arms and legs. Especially the heavy calf muscles begin to upset the body’s posture. In this situation It is very important to get rid of the excess fat that accumulates on the calf muscles to achieve a toned figure. If you want to strengthen the muscles in your lower body and make your legs slimmer. It is recommended to include calf exercises in your routine. This will help strengthen your glutes, thighs, and hamstrings. Get to know these 4 calf exercises that can help you lose excess fat. (Exercise to reduce calf fat)

Know 4 exercise moves that will tone your calf muscles.

1. Place your hands under your feet.

Practice hand exercises to strengthen your calf muscles and reduce excess fat. As a result, your legs will start to fully stretch out. This will help remove tension in various parts. of the body and increase flexibility

know how to do it

To do this exercise Stand upright on the mat. Now raise both your arms and keep your back straight.

Bring both legs together and avoid bending the knees. Now bring both arms down and hold your toes with your palms.

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Doing this exercise for 1 minute will strengthen your calf muscles. After that, let your body loosen up.

Bending forward causes the muscles to stretch.
Because of this, the legs began to fully extend. This helps eliminate tension in various parts. of the body and increase flexibility
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2. Stretch the hand towel.

The hand towel stretch is a great way to relax the muscles in your feet and legs. from this exercise Excess fat stored on the calf muscles will begin to burn. Helps strengthen leg muscles and also reduces leg pain.

know how to do it

To do this Sit on the mat and keep your back straight. Now stretch your legs forward and do not bend your knees.

Extend both toes forward. Now take a towel and try pulling your hands forward from behind both legs.

Now stretch both legs forward and back using the towel. In the meantime, focus on both feet.

By doing this exercise for 2 to 3 minutes, the calf muscles will begin to tighten and the stored fat will begin to burn.

3. Stretch the heels and bend the knees.

People who often experience cramps in the calf muscles They need to practice stretching their hamnut heel 1 to 2 times with knee compression exercises every day. In addition to having leg pain It also helps burn fat stored in the calf muscles. and the muscles began to get stronger

know how to do it

To do this Stand straight on the mat. Extend your right leg forward and push your left leg back one step.

After that, place a chair in front of you. Now hold the chair with both hands and bend your knees and stand straight.

Keep both feet on the floor. Remain in this position for 30 seconds to 1 minute.

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Repeat the same stretch while moving your left leg forward.

Doing this exercise 3 to 4 times a day will benefit the calf muscles.

Do stretching exercises to relieve calf fat.
In addition to having leg pain It also helps burn fat stored in the calf muscles. And the muscles begin to get stronger. Photo: Shutterstock

4. Sumo Squat

Sumo squats are beneficial in maintaining balance in the body. Due to this, the fat stored on the calf muscles is automatically reduced. Additionally, the flexibility of your legs begins to increase. If desired, you can perform sumo squats with or without dumbbells.

know how to do it

To do this Stand straight on the mat with dumbbells in both hands. Now open both your legs and maintain a distance of 5 to 6 steps.

Hold a dumbbell in both hands and pull it down from top to bottom. Meanwhile, bend your knees. As you do this, place your toes outward.

while lifting the body from top to bottom Also pay attention to your breathing. Take a deep breath. then release slowly Resulting in the body being balanced.

While exercising for 30 seconds to 1 minute, keep your feet firmly planted on the ground.

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