Benefits of eating amla for hair Eat amla for hair

Amla has been given a separate place in Ayurveda. Consuming Amla can eliminate more than half of the diseases in the body. Amla has been used for many years to treat various problems. From hair loss to autoimmune diseases It can also be used in the form of tonics, pastes, and oils. But eating amla is most beneficial. Amla has been included in the winter diet in Indian homes for many years. Let us know how it works on your hair. (Benefits of Amla for Hair)

Know why Amla is special for hair?

Rich in nutrients like vitamin C and tannins, amla has been a part of grandma’s beauty arsenal for centuries. Gooseberry also has nutritional properties. Gooseberry contains up to 80 percent moisture, which makes it an excellent natural hair conditioner. Are you still wondering how eating Amla can make your hair grow? Let us tell you.

To know how eating Amla helps in hair growth. We spoke with Dr. Kalpana Solanki. Dr. Kalpana is a consultant at Clinic Dermatech.

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Amla strengthens your hair. Image- Shutterstock

1 Helps in hair growth

Gooseberry is a powerhouse of many nutrients. Especially vitamin C plays an important role in creating collagen in the body. Collagen is essential for the growth of both hair and skin. This is because collagen helps strengthen the hair follicles. Helps make hair healthy and strong from the roots. Stimulates hair growth by increasing blood circulation in the scalp.

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2 Prevent premature graying of hair

If your hair appears to be turning gray prematurely Which problems have increased a lot during this period? You can eat Amla. The antioxidants present in amla fight free radicals that cause premature graying of hair.

Regular use of Amla oil or consumption of Amla in various forms Can slow down the graying process. and can make your hair black for a long time

3 Helps strengthen the scalp

If your scalp is itchy or starts to become flaky. Or if there are other infections, in this case, Amla can cure it. Amla has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. This can help treat infections in your scalp. It keeps your scalp moisturized which reduces dandruff.

4 Helps nourish hair

Amla acts as a natural hair conditioner. Helps make hair soft and easy to style. Helps strengthen hair from the root. Helps to deeply nourish and moisturize. As the texture of the hair improves, consuming Amla regularly or using a mask will make your hair shiny and also prevent it from breakage.

Amala is full of nectar.
Amla is a nutritional treasure trove. Photo:Shutterstock

5 Amla protects hair from external damage.

The tannins and calcium of Indian gooseberry protect the hair from sunlight and heat. These compounds act as a protective barrier for your hair.

Tannins in particular help prevent the keratin protein in the hair from falling out. This protects proteins from damage caused by environmental factors.

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