5 Strength Training Exercises to Get Fit Learn 5 Strength Training Exercises to Get Fit.

If you haven’t paid attention to strength training yet, Now it’s time to know the benefits of strength training. It doesn’t just increase your stamina. But it also has benefits for bones and muscles.

The body goes through many changes as we age in women, especially after menopause. Bone density begins to decrease and the risk of osteoporosis increases. As the muscle loss process speeds up. Body fat also begins to increase. On the other hand, complaints of lack of sleep and mood swings become common. An effective solution to all such problems is strength training. (strength training for exercise) which prevents loss of muscle and bone density You can sleep well

Why is strength training important?

Osteoporosis is also known as the ‘silent thief’, which becomes more serious with age. According to the International Osteoporosis Foundation, 1 in 3 women in the world are affected by this disease. About 61 million people in India are suffering from the disease, of whom 80 percent are women.

This is because of the changes in lifestyles over the past two decades. The problem of osteoporosis is therefore more serious. As specified by the doctor The only way to prevent this is through exercise and a balanced diet. Strength training is considered the most effective of all exercises.

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Improve bone density

Various studies Strength training has also been proven to significantly increase bone density in women. Connective tissue strength increases and the risk of osteoporosis decreases. Strength training also builds muscle and burns fat. Hormone levels such as estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone also improve.

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What is strength training? (What is strength training?)

This is a type of exercise that can strengthen muscles. It is also called resistance training where the exercise is done using dumbbells. Weight machines, resistance bands, or body weights It is different from running, swimming, Zumba, cycling and other aerobics exercises. completely

Benefits of strength training

When times have changed Misunderstandings will be removed. Women are becoming more aware of their exercise. In the same way Trends in adopting new exercise methods Its use is increasing among them. Strength training is one of them. After all, its benefits are amazing.

As the experts say Doing so increases the strength, size, and power of your muscles. The body will be flexible. Metabolism improves The risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease is reduced. In addition to being relieved from physical problems, Mental stress is also reduced. Confidence develops within a person. The World Health Organization has recommended special strength training exercises for women.

Squats improve muscle health.
Squats increase muscle strength, size, and power. The body will be flexible. Image: Adobe Stock

For strength training, include these 5 exercises in your workout routine (5 Effective Strength Training Exercises).

1. Squat

In this exercise Several muscle groups are worked simultaneously, such as the quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings, etc. This helps strengthen the muscles of the lower body, legs, and hips. Doing a 10-minute squat will burn excess body fat.

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2. Kriangkrai Bridge

Glute bridge exercises (fitness strength training) are very effective in getting rid of hip and belly fat. This exercise stimulates the muscles in your hips. Due to this, tension in the hips is not felt. People who work behind a desk in an office all day. Butt muscles become weaker due to sitting for long periods of time. There is tightness in the Achilles tendon. They can get rid of those problems with this exercise.

3. Plank

It is considered a mood-boosting exercise. Stiff muscles will be cured this way. Their stress is reduced. Due to this, the muscles and body become stronger. Flexibility also comes in the body. Belly fat is reduced by stimulating the abdominal muscles.

4. Crawl

This is a full body workout. (strength training for fitness) This makes the back stronger. The body will be flexible. It is also very useful in burning calories. Crawling is also a great cardio exercise.

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Crawling strengthens the back. Image: Shutterstock

5. Stab

This strength exercise works well on the muscles of the lower body. (strength training for fitness) which includes the hamstrings, glutes, and quadriceps.

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