How to eat hygienically according to your blood group Know how to make healthy eating decisions based on your blood type.

Food affects our body the most. Healthy food affects both mental and physical health. Meanwhile Food is also related to our blood type. If we eat according to our blood group, we can prevent many diseases. Many studies indicate that we should eat according to our blood group. (Food according to blood type)

Eating according to blood type (Blood type diet) What is it like?

According to Harvard Health Publishing, eating according to your blood type can help keep people healthy. Weight control can be done. A person can live for a long time. In addition to healthy food Exercise is also important. But due to lack of information, until today people still cannot eat food according to their blood type. It is important to find out your blood type before choosing a food. Choose food mainly according to blood groups O, AB, A, B.

Blood group O

People with blood type O should choose foods that are high in protein. You should eat meat, fish, vegetables and fruits, limited amounts of whole grains, nuts and legumes, seafood, sea plants, broccoli, spinach and olive oil. Best suited for weight loss We should avoid wheat, corn and dairy products.

Blood group A

People with blood type A should choose vegetables, fruits, tofu, seafood, and whole grains. They should avoid eating meat. If you want to lose weight You should eat seafood, vegetables, pineapples, olive oil, and soybeans. Milk, wheat, corn and kidney beans should be avoided.

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Eat seafood to lose weight.
People with blood type A should eat seafood, vegetables, olive oil, and soybeans to lose weight. Photo: Adobe Stock

Blood group B

People with blood type B should choose a variety of foods, including meat, fruit, dairy products, seafood, and grains. To lose weight, people with type B should eat green leafy vegetables, eggs, liver, and drink licorice tea. Chicken, corn, peanuts, and wheat should be avoided.

Blood group AB

People with blood type AB should eat dairy products, tofu, fish, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. Tofu, seafood, green leafy vegetables, and sea plants should also be eaten to lose weight. Chicken, corn and kidney beans should be eaten. Although allopathy does not accept this, Ayurveda does.

Exercise according to various blood groups

People with different blood types should also pay attention to exercise. People with blood type O should choose high-intensity aerobic exercise and take dietary supplements for those with sensitive stomachs. People with blood type A should choose low-intensity activities. They should include meditation as part of their daily routine. People in other groups should do the middle group’s exercises regularly. The reasoning behind this type of diet is that blood type is linked to the ability to digest certain foods. Therefore, eating the right foods can improve digestion. Can help maintain body weight. It increases energy levels. It may help prevent many diseases, including cancer and heart disease.

A healthy diet is important for all blood groups.
Eating the right foods can help prevent many diseases, including heart disease. Photo: Shutterstock

How did blood types evolve?

According to Harvard Health Publishing, blood type O is the original blood type of early humans during evolution. These are hunters whose diet is high in animal protein. Group A is said to have evolved when humans began farming and eating vegetarian diets. It is said that blood type B originated from nomadic tribes that consumed a lot of dairy products. Type AB is a group of people with blood types A and B, so diet and moderate exercise are necessary for those. Have blood group AB

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