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Find out if a medicine contains gluten. And how do you know if it contains gluten or not?

If you have a gluten intolerance or celiac disease What is very important is you. Avoid consuming any type of this substance. which is available in many products Even in some of the most commonly consumed medicines.

There is a lot of awareness these days about allergies. Food and various companies More and more numbers Committed to producing products for all audiences. In most stores You’ll find a wide range of gluten-free products. So that people with Celiac and those with gluten intolerance can eat anything without risking anything.

Even all supermarket products must be labeled to indicate whether or not they contain gluten. People with this disease or food allergy often need to check whether a product is gluten-free or not. In some cases, this information may be overlooked due to: It is thought that such products must be gluten-free. Because yes, just like medicine.

Many commonly consumed medications contain some amount of gluten.

What types of medicines contain gluten?

However, many commonly consumed medications contain some trace amounts of gluten. Due to the production of certain types of medicines in particular That is in tablet or capsule form.Starch is used in the production of drug covering films.

For other forms such as syrups, medicines that come in sachets, leavening agents, etc., these types of flour should not be produced in the production. The risk of having gluten is very small..

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This starch can come from wheat, corn, rice or, in the case of the last three, potatoes. There is no risk as this is a grain that is well tolerated by people with Celiac disease. However, If the starch comes from wheat, it must be removed. of the diet of people with gluten allergies So to make sure you are not at risk. Something that should be checked before taking the medicine is that it does not contain wheat flour that contains gluten.

However, the amount of wheat flour used for this purpose is so small that it equals the amount of gluten itself. There may be very few ingredients in the medicine itself.Even in smaller quantities than bread marketed as appropriate for those with gluten intolerance.

What is normal is that nowadays any medicine is marked. Appropriately reserved for those with drug allergies.What is normal is that nowadays any medicine is marked. Appropriately reserved for those with drug allergies.

How do you know if a medicine contains gluten?

Since 2008, various regulations has been used in Spain, which states that All medicines must be gluten-free. In the above container, however, from the time this law was introduced until it was fully enforced in 2011, it was possible for medicines to be produced without this difference.

The normal thing is that whatever medicine is these days There are signs for those who are impatient.. But to avoid any risk, it is important to remember that whenever your doctor prescribes any medicine, it means that you are allergic to gluten. Again, you should always discuss this at the pharmacy when you buy any medicine. With or without a prescription

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Given There is no cure for celiac disease.Instead, eliminate gluten from the diet completely. It is very important that you make sure that any product that you eat without this substance

If you’ve just discovered that you have this disease or that you’re allergic to gluten, then this is exactly what you’re looking for. Information about products you can or cannot receive..Although it may seem very complicated to you now, you will soon get used to it and know the foods and products you can easily consume. Be patient and avoid any risks. Because if you have Celiac disease, skipping the gluten restrictions can have serious consequences for your health.

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