How to lift your legs correctly Learn the correct way to raise your legs.

Leg raises or leg raises are one of the best exercises. It can help tighten the lower body and abdomen. If you want to know the benefits of leg lifts in detail. Definitely must read this article.

Exercise is always beneficial. We may find that some exercises are not good. But when considering the benefits, it must be done. One of them is leg raises. Leg raises, or leg raises, are a great exercise that targets the lower abdominal muscles. Generally called ‘Lower abdominal muscles’ are an excellent way to reduce stress. There is an old saying: Similarly, ‘Your abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym’. This exercise will tone and strengthen the lower abdominal muscles. But you’ll need to do some cardio. healthy fats and a low-carbohydrate diet along with it Let’s take a look at the benefits of leg lift exercises for the abs.

What are the benefits of leg lifts (Leg lifts, exercise, benefits)?

Lifting your legs has many benefits for your body.

1. Strengthening the core: Lifting your legs puts pressure on your lower abdominal muscles. This will help strengthen and tone your core.
2. Improve flexibility: Regular exercise can improve hamstring flexibility and hip joint mobility.
3. Strengthen the hip muscles: These attach to the hip flexor muscles. This increases stability and flexibility in the hip joint.
4. Increase muscle endurance: Lifting your legs requires continuous use of your muscles. This will strengthen your abdominal and hip muscles.

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Placing your legs on the wall improves blood circulation.
Lifting your legs requires continuous use of muscle. Image: Adobe Stock

5. No machinery required: Leg lifts can be done without any equipment. This makes exercise convenient and accessible.

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How to raise your legs?

1. Lie comfortably on the yoga mat. Your legs should be at 90 degrees.
2. At first, you can keep your hands at your sides. Hands can be placed behind the head in the shooting position.
3. Inhale by bending your legs and straightening them. Slowly lower your legs to 45 degrees from the floor. As you exhale, bring them back to 90 degrees from the floor.
4. Your lower back should be on the floor.
If it seems too easy Move your leg down further. Move closer to the ground As long as your spine isn’t too curved. and do not feel pressure on the abdominal muscles And there is no pressure on the back.

Who should avoid leg lifts?

While leg lifts are beneficial for many people, some should use caution or avoid them.
1. Lower back problems: People with lower back problems or conditions such as a herniated disc. Lifting your legs should be avoided. This may increase their problems.
2. Neck pain or neck pain: If you have neck pain while exercising. It is recommended to avoid lifting your legs. This could be a sign of stress or some kind of problem.

Pregnant women should not ride the elevator.
in the later stages of pregnancy Lying on your back to elevate your legs can cause discomfort due to pressure. Image: Adobe Stock

3. Pregnant women: in the later stages of pregnancy Lying on your back to lift your legs can cause discomfort due to pressure. Pregnant women should choose exercises that are safe for pregnancy. Before performing any exercise, you must consult your doctor.
4. Recent abdominal surgery: People who have recently had abdominal surgery should avoid leg lifts until approved by their doctor.

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