Hair mask from flax seeds Hair mask from flax seeds

The wedding time is progressing and everyone I want to style my hair. For this you need to copy several styles. But before that, how do you style your hair? It’s important that your hair is soft, shiny and healthy. So today we bring you a hair mask prepared from flax seeds and aloe vera. (Aloe Vera and Flax Seed Hair Mask) for you, which can make your hair soft, smooth and shiny. Definitely ready for a wedding.

Consuming flax seeds is also beneficial for weight loss. But flax seeds are great for your hair along with your health. If you don’t want to include any products that contain chemicals in your hair care routine You can prepare a mask using flax seeds and aloe vera gel.

Kalpana Saulanki, consultant at Clinic Dermatech, is talking about how to make this mask and how it can benefit your hair.

Make a hair mask at home
Make this effective hair mask at home. Image:Shutterstock

How do flax seeds work on hair?

Flax seeds contain omega-3 fatty acids, which are very good for the hair follicles. Provides adequate amounts of nutrients to the scalp. It also increases blood circulation in your hair. Helps reduce inflammation in the hair and prevent hair loss.

Flax seeds are rich in B vitamins and riboflavin, pyridoxine, biotin, pantothenic acid, niacin and folic acid, which strengthens and prevents falling.

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Flax seeds are rich in vitamin E. which helps protect the body and scalp from free radicals Helps in strengthening and growing hair.

By adding aloe vera gel. This hair mask is also useful in conditioning the hair. This will help keep the hair roots moisturized. Controls hair breakage dryness and frizz Makes hair smooth and shiny.

Know how to make a hair mask with aloe vera gel and flax seeds.

To make a hair mask, you will need:

flax seeds
aloe vera gel
Vitamin E Capsules

Aloe Vera and Flax Seed Hair Mask
Try this aloe vera and flaxseed hair mask. Photo: Shutterstock

Make a hair mask using aloe vera gel and flax seeds like this one.

Step 1
Take a container of water and flax seeds and bring it to a boil.

Step 2
After a while This water will boil. And because flax seeds It will thicken and form a gel.

Step 3
Once the flaxseeds are mixed together until the liquid looks like a gel, turn off the gas. After this, allow the water to cool down.

Step 4
After it has cooled down Strain this liquid through cheesecloth. This way, your gel will come out separated.

Step 5
After that, you need to extract fresh gel from the aloe vera leaves and mix it with the prepared flaxseed gel. After that, vitamin E capsules must be added.

Step 6
Now your Flaxseeds Aloe Vera Hair Mask is ready. Apply all over the head from the roots to the ends of the hair. After that, if you want, you can wash your hair after an hour.

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