Follow these tips for colored hair – Follow these tips for colored hair.

Use different types of colors to make your hair beautiful. Because of this, the beauty of your face also begins to increase. Today, many types of chemical products are used in hair coloring. This is because colored hair was not properly taken care of. The frizziness and volume of the hair begin to decrease. Because of this, hair breakage and hair loss are continually increasing. In this situation If you take care of your hair properly Your hair color will improve and your hair will remain healthy. Know how to care for colored hair (Tips for dyed hair)

In this regard, Dr. Chitra, a dermatologist, said that hair coloring makes the scalp more vulnerable to many chemicals. Ammonia contained in paint is harmful to hair health. This affects everything from the texture of the hair to its natural color. To color your hair, open the cuticle and add color. It has a very negative effect on the hair.

How to care for hair after dyeing
How to care for dyed hair to keep it healthy. Photo: Shutterstock

Make sure to follow these tips after coloring your hair.

1. Do not wash your hair for 72 hours.

Avoid washing your hair for three days to preserve your hair color. Helps maintain the shine of the hair. The hair’s cuticle is also protected from damage. If you wash your hair for any reason The risk of uneven hair color increases. In addition, the existing chemicals also began to come out.

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2. Use color protection shampoo only on hair.

Using color-protective shampoo helps preserve hair color. This maintains the natural pH level of the scalp. Shampoos are rich in harsh chemicals like alcohol and sulfates. Will start to destroy the hair texture. In this situation If you want to restore your hair color Apply an appropriate amount of shampoo onto the hair.

Use good quality shampoo.
This shampoo is chemical-free. Image: Adobe Stock

3. Avoid washing with hot water.

Use only normal water to wash your hair. Hot water makes hair dry and weak from the roots. It also has a negative effect on the hair’s cuticle. This can harm your hair color. In winter, you can use warm water to wash your hair.

4. Hair conditioning is also important.

After washing your hair Apply hair conditioner. Helps make hair soft and smooth. Helps lock moisture in the epidermis. This protects the hair from breakage. After washing your hair, it will be shiny and healthy. which helps nourish the hair which helps protect it from dryness

5. Avoid using hair tools.

Avoid pressing and curling your hair after coloring it. This increases the risk of hair damage. Chemicals on the hair combined with heat weaken the hair roots. If you have a problem with frizzy hair Instead of using a heater, use a gentle serum or spray on your hair.

6. Avoid contact with pollution.

Cover your hair with a scarf or hat before leaving the house. This increases the risk of dust particles sticking to your hair. Hair can also be damaged by strong sunlight. To make the hair strong It is important to cover your hair. It is even necessary to cover your hair before swimming.

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Some tips for hair growth
You should brush your hair every day. Hair should be neatly styled. Image – Adobe Stock

Disadvantages of repeatedly dyeing your hair

1. Silicon and sulfate are dangerous.

The silicon and sulfates present in hair dyes are harmful to the hair. According to the NCBI, using products rich in silicone and sulfates when washing your hair reduces oiliness in the hair. Because of this, the natural moisture of the hair is lost. This is because the frizz of the hair begins to increase.

2. Hair loss

If you color your hair often, it will make the roots weak. Because of this, the hair becomes very dry and starts to break and fall out. Bleaching or touching the hair repeatedly It will damage the hair.

3.Danger from gray hair

The effect of color on the hair is also visible from the actual color of the hair. In fact, different types of hair are painted. It will cause the natural hair color to disappear. Because of this, the pH level of the scalp is disturbed. Which is proven to be the cause of fast gray hair.

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