hair growth ke liye natural remedies apnaayein- adopt natural remedies for hair growth

Split ends, hair loss, and lack of hair growth are common problems that people face. They all had problems. Moreover, uneven hair growth starts to become a problem. This is because hair growth is uneven. Most people then start using hair trimmers and chemical products. Because of this, the hair starts to become dry and lifeless. In fact, lack of nutrients in the body and pollution in the atmosphere causes hair loss and uneven hair growth. If you are facing a similar problem. Let’s find out about natural remedies that can control uneven hair growth. (Home remedies for uneven hair growth)

Follow these natural tips for uneven hair growth. (Home remedies for uneven hair growth)

1. Curry leaves and coconut oil

Nutrients such as calcium and magnesium are found in coconut oil, which is rich in antibacterial properties. which strengthens the hair follicles and increases growth. Meanwhile, curry leaves, rich in anti-inflammatory properties, help with scalp problems and prevent hair breakage. Due to this, hair growth begins to become normal. To do this, add 8 to 10 curry leaves to a cup of coconut oil and boil for a while. When the oil starts to change color, turn off the gas. Wash your hair this way two to three times a week.

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Benefits of curry leaves and coconut oil
Benefits of Curry Leaves and Coconut Oil for Hair Photo: Shutterstock

2. Hibiscus flowers and olive oil

With the changing weather The problem of hair loss and dandruff is starting to increase. In this situation Flavonoids found in hibiscus flowers help prevent hair loss. The amino acids found in olive oil also help to eliminate dandruff. Moreover, the shine of the hair remains intact. To maintain moisture in the hair Grind the hibiscus leaves and mix with olive oil and let it cook for some time. After 10 to 15 minutes, massage your hair after the oil has warmed up. After 30 minutes, wash your hair with a gentle shampoo.

3. Green Tea and Apple Cider Vinegar

Green tea, rich in antioxidants, refreshes hair. Because of this, the seasonal increase in dryness begins to subside and the hair begins to look shiny. Epigallocatechin Gallate helps solve hair problems. This increases the volume of the hair and provides relief from uneven growth. Mix equal amounts of apple cider vinegar and green tea. Then apply it on the hair. Then wash your hair after 20 to 25 minutes.

Benefits of using a hair mask prepared from milk, bananas, and oats.
Make a thick paste by mixing plain oatmeal with raw milk and applying it to the roots of your hair. Image: Adobe Stock

4. Oatmeal and raw milk

Make a thick paste by mixing bananas and plain oats in raw milk and applying it to the roots of your hair. This will remove extra roughness in the hair. The saponins present in it soften the hair and prevent it from breakage. Moreover, the protein found in this helps increase the strength of the hair. Using it twice a week will increase hair growth.

Things to remember

1. Avoid washing your hair with hot water.

In winter, use warm water for bathing. But to maintain the moisture of the hair Wash your hair with cool water using a gentle shampoo. This increases the level of dryness. Moreover, the hair follicles become weak and hence the problem of itching on the scalp also increases.

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2. Use separate towels.

Just like not using someone else’s towel to keep your skin healthy and clean. In the same way To make your hair strong and lively Use separate towels. If you wipe your hair with someone else’s towel Therefore, bacteria in the hair and other problems Therefore, it can damage the health of your hair.

Don't share towels.
If you don’t pay attention to cleaning towels, combs, and makeup brushes, you may increase the risk of infection. Photo: Adobe Stock

3. Use a wooden comb

The eco-friendly wooden comb helps strengthen hair without damaging the scalp. Due to this, the problem of abnormal hair growth can be avoided. Due to this, blood flow in the head begins to increase. that helps solve hair problems

4. Regular trimming is important.

If your hair starts to form a W shape, it’s a good idea to get it trimmed. Due to this, hair growth begins to occur evenly. Also, avoid using harsh chemicals on your hair. This is because hair growth is uneven. The problem of split ends also increases and affects the volume of the hair.

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