UV rays can increase your risk of tuberculosis. Keep in mind that UV rays can increase your risk of tuberculosis.

We get vitamin D from sunlight. But sitting in the sun for a long time is both dangerous. Climate change also has negative effects on health. World Health Organization Notify the general public on the website This is why working too long in the sun can be a serious health risk. It may also increase your risk of tuberculosis. (UV radiation affects the treatment of tuberculosis.)

What does the World Health Organization data say?

According to the World Health Organization website, in 2019, 106 crore people aged 15 years and above were exposed to ultraviolet rays while working outdoors in the sun. This represents 28 percent of all working-age people. In 2019 alone, nearly 19,000 people in 183 countries died from non-melanoma skin cancer caused by working outdoors in the sun, 65 percent of whom were men.

Risk of infection from sunlight (UV rays cause a risk of infection)

According to the World Health Organization website Sunlight reduces the risk of tuberculosis. But because ultraviolet rays affect the immune system. Therefore, it can increase the risk of tuberculosis. Exposure to sunlight can cause the lesions to recur. UV rays reduce the effectiveness of the immune system. In case of cold and cough The herpes virus cannot be controlled.

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Effects on immune cells (UV rays affect immune cells.)

Because of this, the infection reactivates. Exposure to UV rays may alter the function of certain cells that trigger an immune response in humans. This can increase the risk of infection due to exposure to sunlight. The body’s defenses against skin cancer may be reduced.

The immune system may be affected.

According to the World Health Organization website The study was conducted in the United States. In this study A study was conducted on people affected by colds and coughs after applying sunscreen. Of 38 patients suffering from recurrent herpes infections, 27 developed cold sores after exposure to UV rays.

UV rays affect immunity
due to UV rays Immunity will be affected. and symptoms of colds and coughs occur. Image: Adobe Stock

On the contrary None of the patients developed herpes after applying sunscreen. Therefore, in addition to limiting the damaging effects on the skin, Sunscreen has also been shown to be effective in preventing further damage. Caused by sunlight as well

How is tuberculosis (TB) spread?

Tuberculosis is spread from one person to another by bacteria. Mycobacterium tuberculosis spreads through air droplets. People with infection or multidrug resistance (MDR) or extensive drug resistance (XDR) receive treatment. The bacteria can be transmitted to others in the form of airborne droplets through coughing and sneezing. Therefore, the longer an uninfected person shares an area or air infected with these bacteria, The greater the chance of infection.

Promotes skin cancer (UV rays cause skin cancer.)

UV rays can increase cancer in two ways. It can increase cancer by directly inducing DNA damage and weakening the immune system. However, there is little research on the potential effects of immune modulation on cancer development.

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UV rays can prevent skin cancer.
UV rays can increase cancer in two ways. Image: Adobe Stock

UV protection

According to the World Health Organization website People who work in the sun for long periods of time should take preventative measures. Work hours should be changed during times when the harmful effects of UV rays are more severe. Wear a wide-brimmed hat to reduce the effects of UV rays on your face, head, ears, and neck. Wear wraparound sunglasses that protect against both UVA and UVB rays. Use sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 15 or higher for protection against both. UVA and UVB also take measures to avoid indoor tanning.

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