Hair damaged by heat se kaise paayein raahat,- How to relieve hair damage from heat

Regular use of heating devices increases the chances of hair damage. Know which tips are effective in keeping dry, lifeless hair healthy. (Tips for dealing with heat damaged hair)

In winter, a hair dryer is often used to dry hair quickly. to prepare for the party Requires the use of heat styling tools. Every time the heating process is used to style your hair, it affects the texture of your hair in many ways. Because of this, hair is not only dry but also weak, breaks and falls out. Regular use of heating devices increases the chances of hair damage. Know which tips are effective in keeping dry, lifeless hair healthy. (Tips for dealing with heat damaged hair)

How does heat damage hair?

Heat damaged hair is hair that begins to lose its shine due to exposure to high temperatures. Commonly used hair styling tools include flat irons, curling irons, and hair dryers. Hair is actually made up of a protein called keratin. And because of repeated exposure to heat, the protein bonds that give hair strength begin to break. In this regard, cosmetologist Dr. Jatin Mittal said that the heating process damages the moisture of the hair. Because of this, it dries out, which increases the risk of breakage.

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Heating tools harm your hair.
If you bring these devices into contact with wet hair, The drier the hair will be.

Know these signs that your hair is being damaged by heat.

Increases the dryness of the hair
Dealing with split ends
dark circles problem
I feel like my hair color has changed.
Lack of moisture
The sound of fingers snapping in the middle of hair

How to relieve hair damage from heat

1 Trimming

Trim your hair regularly to eliminate split ends and prevent hair loss. This helps in improving the overall health and appearance of the hair. Trimming also helps hair grow better.

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Know the benefits of trimming your hair here. Image: Adobe Stock

2 Deep Conditioning

Follow a regular deep conditioning routine to keep your hair hydrated and nourished, according to Dr. Mittal. Choose hair products that contain ingredients like keratin, argan oil, and argan oil. or shea butter Due to this, the dryness of the hair begins to decrease.

3. Protein therapy

Protein treatments restore lost moisture to the hair. As a result, the protein content in the hair is rebalanced. which began to decrease due to the heat To do this Choose protein therapy. Taking into account the texture of the hair and paying attention to the use of products.

4. Avoid heat styling.

Avoid heat styling tools to keep your hair strong and soft. Try to dry your hair at a normal temperature and in air as much as possible. Thus helping to maintain the moisture of the hair. Make natural hairstyles a part of your daily routine.

5. Use a heat protectant.

To protect hair from heat Spray heat protection spray or serum on your hair. This reduces the effects of high temperatures on the hair and also preserves the protein content. Apply a gentle serum to the length of the hair according to the length and volume of the hair.

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6 Cooler Hair Styling Tools

To style the hair along with heating and cooling styling tools are also available. With their help, styling can be applied without damaging the texture of the hair. Remember to take care of the temperature settings to avoid damage to the hair.

Because of what signs should we consult a doctor or hair care expert?

1. Hair loss continues.

If your hair is severely damaged and falls out an excessive amount, you should definitely consult a trichologist or specialist. They can initiate possible treatments to reduce the symptoms of increased thinning hair.

Why don't you know why your hair is falling out so much?
Both dry hair and a dry scalp can lead to breakage, thinning, and hair loss. Image: Adobe Stock

2. Baldness on the scalp

Rapid hair loss can be a sign of a problem. If baldness increases on the scalp It is necessary to consult a doctor. Because of this, the cause of hair loss can be easily identified,

3. Increases dryness to the hair.

If the problem of heat damage to your hair is not resolved even after home remedies, It can be an alarming sign for your hair. In this situation Seek help from your doctor to understand the problem and treat it.

4. Scalp Infections

Sometimes scalp infections also increase the problem of hair loss. In this situation It is necessary to treat infections to avoid hair loss. due to infection The possibility of redness, swelling, and pain on the scalp increases. Treatment is required to relieve this condition.

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