Good sleep to delay aging Anti-aging means getting enough sleep.

Good sleep is not only important for your health. But it also helps protect your skin from premature aging. Let us know how you can sleep better.

We tend to use many products for skin care and take the skin for granted. But skin is much more than that. Even if you shower in the morning with cream, retinol, serum, or a bucket full of anti-aging products. Nothing can make your skin look younger. The truth is that one of the most important causes of aging is incomplete or poor sleep.
One of the most important and free things we take for granted is getting enough sleep.

Why is sleep important for healthy skin?

when we sleep Your skin can heal itself through a hormone called melatonin (often called the sleep hormone). This hormone only works when you’re asleep.

Melatonin is very important for your skin and plays an important role in repairing it from environmental hazards, UV rays, stress, pollution, etc. If you don’t rest, You will not produce melatonin. And your skin is unable to repair itself. Sleep is very important to produce melatonin that helps heal the skin.

Anti-aging is good sleep.
due to lack of sleep Cortisol, also known as the stress hormone, increases. Image – Adobe Stock

When you close your eyes Your skin will have more HGH, which is also your growth hormone. The release of HGH helps rebuild the body’s tissues and increases cell production, tightening and revitalizing the skin. When you don’t get enough sleep Your skin will not be able to carry out this important process. This is why your skin looks dull after a night of rest.

Dermatologist Kalpana Saulanki from Dermatech Clinic explains that sleep deprivation increases cortisol, also known as the stress hormone. This can reduce collagen over time. Closed eyes and collagen production are linked. Which is why many experts consider sleep an essential part of any anti-aging routine.

What to do for better sleep?

Focus on reducing your caffeine intake.

We consume caffeine or coffee to avoid sleep, sleepiness, and fatigue. Some people can drink coffee in the afternoon and get up to eight hours of sleep. But most people should stop drinking coffee a few hours before bed. Try setting up a schedule and cutting out caffeine early on. To see if this improves the quality of your sleep. To make your sleep somewhat better

Follow these skin care tips to slow down aging.
We consume caffeine or coffee to avoid sleep, sleepiness, and fatigue. Image: Adobe Stock

Consider Magnesium Supplements

Research has shown that magnesium supplementation has a positive effect on sleep quality and sleep time. Magnesium may help induce relaxation by interacting with certain neurotransmitters. Reduce cortisol levels and increase melatonin You can also eat foods high in magnesium.

Reduce your stress

The workload is increasing and so are your worries. The worries of the day may come before you at night. Stress stimulates fight-and-flight hormones, which interfere with sleep. Give yourself time to relax before bed. Do some activities to relax. to relax Begin your exercise by breathing deeply. Take a slow, deep breath and exhale.

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