Face lifting massage at home Face lifting massage at home

We all have our own skin care routines. But one technique that is suitable for everyone is massage.

To lift and tighten the face We often use tools like facial rollers and gua sha, but many times you go to the salon to reshape your face. They will use their hands to lift your face using a variety of hand movements. In fact, face lifts and massages are ideal facial procedures. Let us know its benefits and the correct way to do it.

Why is it necessary to have a face lift massage?

Just like how our bodies benefit from a good massage after a long day or exercise. Facial massage is also beneficial to our face. Our faces are exposed to a lot of stress and pollution throughout the day. This is because wrinkles, lines, and premature aging begin to appear on the face.

We all have our own skin care routines. But one technique that is suitable for everyone is massage. In massaging, muscles are used. Tissues receive maximum oxygen and blood flow increases.

Kalpana Solanki, dermatologist, Dermatech Clinic, provides more information about facial massage. She shared 4 facial massage techniques that anyone can do easily.

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Let’s look at some facial massage techniques.

1. Massage from the chin up.

Begin by using your hands on both sides of your face. Use your palms and fingers to gently massage. on the sides of the face and forehead, then slowly move it back down. Keep the pressure constant but not unstable. Repeat three times. The focus of this movement should be on pressing on the face and then releasing.

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2. Draw out forehead lines.

Place your fingers together in the center of your forehead, press firmly, and move them to the sides. Lift your finger and return to the starting position. Repeat three times. This movement will smooth out the forehead.

3.Massage around the eyes

Use a small amount of oil to relax movement in this area. Place your fingers on the sides of your eyes and move them around. The bony edge of the eye socket, above the eyebrow, down the middle of the nose, under the eye, and back to the starting position, etc. Repeat three times. This movement reduces eye strain.

4. Massage under the cheekbones

Starting near the nose Place your hands on the inside of each cheek. Then apply pressure in small circles towards the ear, paying special attention to the area under the ear. Then massage back towards the nose. Repeat this sequence three times. This movement helps tone the cheek muscles, which work hard every day to create facial expressions.

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Facial massage is beneficial for you in these 5 ways.

1 Helps stimulate blood circulation

Using a facial massager to massage your face can help increase blood circulation. This will help you to have glowing skin. Helps to naturally cleanse the skin and remove toxins.

2 Reduce swelling and redness

Gentle facial massage Helps in lymphatic drainage. If you wake up with puffy or swollen eyes Massaging your face will provide relief.

3 The skin will be clearer.

Regular facial massage helps to brighten the skin, reduces acne and even acne. This happens because massage stimulates the skin’s cleansing process.

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