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It is recommended that pregnant women tighten their bodies during pregnancy to prepare for childbirth and avoid sagging.

Exercise during pregnancy has become very popular in recent years. This is because of its proven benefits for both mother and baby’s health. It is a practice that even medical experts recommend. In case you are not at risk or get seriously sick because Helps control pain caused by pregnancy. Makes the woman’s body have muscular strength. and help prepare for childbirth. It also helps prevent weight gain that is characteristic of the pregnancy period.

muscle stretching exercises

The most recommended thing is that you consult your doctor about the exercises that are most convenient to practice in order to avoid physical damage to the body or the baby. But stretching is effective because it doesn’t require much effort and Helps to improve muscles.r during pregnancy Below we list the most trained ones:

Stretching helps improve muscles.Stretching helps improve muscles.
  • head stretch: This exercise helps relieve tension accumulated in the cervical spine and relaxes the neck muscles very well. It’s important to do this slowly. and no sudden movement To avoid injury in that area Just as it is important to keep your back straight. Therefore, stretching your head helps to straighten your posture and avoid the risk of contraction. There are many types of exercise. From rotating your neck to stretching. For example, you can do a sitting pose with your neck facing your shoulders and then back to front. Tilt your head to the side or raise and lower it.
  • The spine is elongated.: This type of movement Helps relieve back pain It is very common during pregnancy. There are many and they are very different. But they serve the same purpose and often involve breathing. For example, sitting on the floor, Indian style. Hold your ankles with your hands and keep your back straight. Try to push up for ten seconds.
  • Stretch your arms: During pregnancy Muscle will disappear And one of the most affected areas on a woman’s body is her arms. Fat accumulates in it and good meaning disappears.But it can be prevented by strengthening the muscles in the area where stretching exercises are performed, such as bringing the palms together with the elbows facing outward and exerting force for about 10 seconds, repeated several sets. There are also many ways. Choose to use objects such as light dumbbells or elastic bands. This will help the muscles become more toned.
  • Stretch your legs.: In this case, leg exercises aim to strengthen the buttocks. Even if they do that Help work on other support areas such as the calves or feet.For example, sit on the floor with your legs extended and your hands supported. Then bend your knees until they form a 90 degree angle and slowly Lower it again By repeating the same exercise several times.
  • Abdominal stretch: This is one of the most popular exercises for pregnant women because it strengthens the pelvic floor that suffers a lot during pregnancy and there are many types. can be practiced control breathing Controls vaginal muscles or tones Directly, although it is always taken into account that during exhalation during stretching the abdominal region is stimulated to have an effect. One of the most well-known exercises is Kegel exercises, which in addition to strengthening the pelvic floor. It also helps control other problems caused by pregnancy, such as urinary incontinence.
There are some sports that are highly recommended for pregnant women.There are some sports that are highly recommended for pregnant women.

Sports that can be practiced during pregnancy

Staying active during pregnancy is also important to prevent excess weight. It helps prevent muscle atrophy and helps with the mind by releasing endorphins.. Even though pregnancy conditions are more severe But there are still exercises that must be stopped to avoid risks or simply because they are not possible. There are other sports. that can still continue By adjusting the daily routine to suit the woman’s new condition.

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One example is swimming. The peculiarity of this sport is that the body in water loses weight and the risk of injury disappears almost completely. It also helps burn fat and build strength, so pregnant women consider it one of the best options. There is also bicycleIt is a sport that is generally recommended until the 5th month of pregnancy and relaxes while strengthening the buttocks and walkWhich, at a moderate level, helps prevent cardiovascular problems and mobilizes the entire body. On the other hand, if you are looking for tranquility, then this is it. Yoga and PilatesThis helps prepare for childbirth through breathing and stretching.

Tips for exercising during pregnancy

While this article describes basic exercises and sports that pregnant women are most likely to practice, it actually includes exercises for each part of the body. It’s important that Always consult a gynecologist. So he can analyze each case and give the necessary recommendations. But above all else You should go to him if at any one time you feel sick or experience problems while exercising.

Training must be done calmly and with awareness of limitations.Training must be done calmly and with awareness of limitations.

However, we must be aware that during pregnancy It is recommended to reduce the intensity of the activity. If you notice obvious fatigue So as not to harm your own or your baby’s health. And if you have difficulty breathing or the woman is not well It’d be better to stop.

On the other hand, it is recommended to do it slowly and easily, a fact that also benefits stretching by making the muscle work harder under its own weight. In the same way The exercises can be repeated approximately 5 times in sets of 2, with the workspace being able to be switched between sets and. It is recommended to use lightweight objects to increase the benefits. In case you want to strengthen your muscles

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