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The ketogenic diet is one of the most popular diets. But it is also one of the most controversial foods. This is because such methods can be harmful to health.

The ketogenic diet is one of the most controversial. This is because the rapid weight loss that occurs involves certain methods. that may be harmful to health. For this reason, it can be considered an extreme diet, which is based on putting the body into ketosis, that is, a situation similar to fasting. This is achieved by minimizing the consumption of carbohydrates and sugar. Without glucose to burn The body turns to storing fat in the liver and producing ketones.

This way, the body starts burning fat continuously which leads to weight loss. The ketogenic diet is based on reaching ketosis not just for weight loss. but also to fight some diseases. These include epilepsy, cancer and diabetes, which is why they have so many advocates. But there are detractors who consider it a risky food. Especially if it is not done under the supervision of a doctor. Therefore, It is important to know the benefits and disadvantages of keto before actually using it.Including the existence of different varieties (cyclic, modified or protein-rich), this article describes the standards.

Effects of the ketogenic diet

Virtual elimination of carbohydrates requires the consumption of fat. This has been shown to have a much greater effect on weight loss. In addition to this information, ketogenic There are many other benefits. which can be summarized as follows:

In this type of food The amount of carbohydrates and sugar must be kept to a minimum.In this type of food The amount of carbohydrates and sugar must be kept to a minimum.
  • is faster More than other types of food that emphasizes low protein or fat consumption It’s also not based on calorie counting and you can adjust it if you exercise.
  • It is recommended for diabetics because Reduce blood sugar levels and improve insulin sensitivity
  • Some studies confirm that by reducing the amount of glucose in the blood. It has a positive effect on cancer control.This is because it makes it more difficult for cancer cells to multiply.
  • Recommended treatment childhood epilepsyBecause it reduces the frequency of seizures
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On the other hand, the ketogenic diet also has a number of side effects that, although not considered harmful. Yes, they can be harmful to our health.: :

  • It involves a malnutrition This can lead to health problems, so it’s better not to eliminate carbohydrates completely. This is why regimes should be implemented gradually and not changed suddenly.
  • In the early stages, it may cause what is called ‘keto fever’. Decreased energy and mental abilitiescause sleep problems nausea and general discomfort

It is important to know that This diet is not based on calorie counting.Therefore, if the calorie intake is greatly reduced The side effects will be more severe. Weight loss occurs as stated above from the situation of ketosis: replacing carbohydrates with fat. The proper way to eat this food is to divide it into different portions.

Stages of the ketogenic diet

The stages of this regime are based on the changes that an individual can experience as the process progresses. This is important to keep in mind in order to be able to understand each situation or find solutions for certain effects. From beginning to end The mechanism of each metabolism is different.But it can be reflected as follows:

Rapid loss is due to the replacement of carbohydrates with fat. Rapid loss is due to the replacement of carbohydrates with fat.
  1. Initial phase: This is The most complicated stepThis is because the body is accustomed to consuming large amounts of refined sugar, which causes anxiety, irritability or apathy.
  2. Day One: The first few days depend on your individual circumstances. First change and the new energy control mechanism starts to work Nausea, dizziness, or fast heartbeat may occur as side effects.
  3. Week 1: Started to notice weight loss and basal metabolism increase since then. The body responds to food as an attack. and stimulates the nervous and endocrine systems
  4. Adaptation: With the normalization of the metabolic state, a new stage is reached with a return to a reduced level of energy expenditure. That is, Weight loss will not be as severe as at the beginning..
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Example ketogenic plan

This regime is based on fat intake. Therefore, it is necessary to abandon the idea of ​​u200bu200bwhat makes you fat and what does not. Foods to eat include red meat, fatty fish, eggs, butter, cheese, low-carb vegetables, nuts, and avocados. On the other hand, it is necessary to avoid foods high in carbohydrates, such as grains, sugar, legumes, rice, potatoes, sweets, fruit juices. and most fruits When this is clearThe weekly menu may include the following:

Some foods allowed on the ketogenic dietSome foods allowed on the ketogenic diet
  • MondayBreakfast: bacon, eggs, and tomatoes for lunch. Chicken salad with olive oil and feta cheese and for dinner Salmon with asparagus cooked in butter
  • TuesdayFor breakfast: eggs, tomatoes, basil, and goat cheese omelet. Eat almond milk, peanut butter, cocoa powder, and stevia milkshake. And for dinner, meatballs, cheddar cheese, and vegetables.
  • Wednesday: For breakfast, Keto milkshake for lunch. Seafood Salad with Olive Oil and Avocado and for dinner Pork Chop with Parmesan Cheese Broccoli and Salad
  • Thursday: for breakfast Omelet with avocado, sauce, peppers, onions and spices For a meal, a handful of beans and celery with guacamole and salsa for dinner Chicken stuffed with pesto and cream cheese with vegetables
  • Friday: for breakfast Unsweetened yogurt with peanut butter, cocoa powder and stevia. Eat meat stir-fried and cooked in coconut oil with vegetables. for dinner Rare hamburger with bacon, eggs and cheese
  • Saturday: Breakfast with cheese and ham omelet with vegetables. For a ham and cheese meal with walnuts For dinner, white fish, eggs and spinach cooked in olive oil.
  • SundayFor breakfast: fried eggs with bacon and mushrooms. For a meal, hamburger with sauce, cheese and guacamole. for dinner Steak with eggs and salad
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at Eliminate carbohydrates and replace them with fat. They make the ketogenic diet an unusual method that is very different from other diets. But as we have seen, it has many benefits that make it one of the most sought after foods. This is to do it correctly and not fall into the undesirable bounce-back effect upon completion. It is important to consult with a nutritionist. To conduct analytical tests and know the requirements of each test.

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