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Mediterranean culture is one of diverse and healthy cuisine. Therefore, it is important to return to traditions and ways of treating food.

The Mediterranean diet is more than diet controlIt’s a way of preserving food and eating it. It dates back to the origins of civilization. and covers the cultures of the Mediterranean basin. Although it has evolved throughout history But at present it still maintains its important characteristics and It is considered the healthiest food in the world.According to UNESCO Therefore, following this way of eating helps in having a healthy and regular lifestyle. Reduce the risk of various diseases such as cardiovascular disease or cancer

However, the evolution of the Mediterranean diet is not accurate at this time. The amount of fat tends to increase.While 40 years ago this comprised 25% of the diet, now it represents 40%, so it is important. Restore good eating habits It is the foundation of Mediterranean culture and therefore essential. Reduce processed foods and consume fresh, seasonal products.. This way you not only help measure where your body is. But it also helps local businesses and sustainable environmental development. The Mediterranean diet has all the benefits. And in this article You will learn how easy it is to follow the Mediterranean diet.

The basis of this diet is reducing the consumption of processed foods.The basis of this diet is reducing the consumption of processed foods.

The importance of the food pyramid

The Mediterranean Diet Foundation has developed a food pyramid based on the principles of the Mediterranean diet, but to suit the current rhythm of life. With the hustle and bustle of the 21st century, preparation and product quality have become less important. and more and more A more sedentary lifestyle and depends on technology When faced with this The foundation therefore placed something different at the base of the pyramid than is commonly seen. This is because ingredients are more important than food groups, such as: Exercise regularly every day. Get enough rest. Using traditional products Cooking activities Local and environmentally friendly biodiversity and seasons.

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These principles confirm the need to link food with an active lifestyle. The same goes for the concern of knowing where food comes from and preserving it. From the advice of experts The method of food distribution should be based on the following:

It is very important to adjust the food pyramid to the normal rhythm of life.It is very important to adjust the food pyramid to the normal rhythm of life.
  • Base of the pyramid: In Step 2, you will see the foods you should consume each day and at each main meal: raw or cooked fruits and vegetables of different colors and textures as well. carbohydrate such as bread, rice, pasta, or other cereals Another area on this level is reserved for olive oil.
  • Daily diet: The third step is food that should be consumed at least once or twice a day. Nuts, seeds, spices, garlic and onionsand another one Dairy products It is recommended to eat foods that are low in fat.
  • Weekly Dosage: At the top of the pyramid are products that should be consumed two or three times a week, e.g. Fish, shellfish, and white meatwith Eggs and legumesOther things that should be more occasional are: Red and processed meatMeanwhile, desserts such as bread or cake should be reduced to two or less per week.
It is recommended to drink approximately 1.5 or 2 liters of water per day.It is recommended to drink approximately 1.5 or 2 liters of water per day.

If you meet these requirements You will need to eat a Mediterranean diet. Although hydration is just as important. with food as well It must be confident. Water consumption between 1.5 liters and 2 liters per day.It is true that needs vary depending on the person or the exercise they do. and drinking plenty of water through vegetables or fruit. But it is important to worry about maintaining water balance in the body.

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Sample menu based on the Mediterranean diet

As can be seen in the pyramid. It is important to follow this diet. Know how to group food in each group. It depends on whether it’s carbohydrates, fruits, vegetables, legumes, grains, protein, and fat. It’s equally important to remember that your body will appreciate what you do. Between five or six meals a day in moderation.. Considering this Each day’s menu may include:

An example of a food might be a tomato and lettuce salad.An example of a food might be a tomato and lettuce salad.
  • breakfast: Coffee with skim milk Toast with goat cheese spread and apples
  • Late: Cereal bar with natural orange juice
  • potion: Cooked green beans for the first course Grilled chicken for main course Serve with steamed broccoli or lettuce and tomato salad. and pineapple for dessert
  • snack: Seed bread with olive oil or cottage cheese with sugar.
  • dinner: Salad with cucumber, black olives, onions and feta cheese Salmon with al papillote for main course and peaches for dessert.

Here’s an example of a Mediterranean diet in one day. The possibilities are nearly endless. Because this culture is one of the richest. There are recipes, cooking methods, traditions, and activities.

Basic steps to follow the Mediterranean diet

The Mediterranean Diet Foundation has also established a series of Rules that must be followed To be able to live this life The important thing is:

It is important to use extra virgin olive oil.It is important to use extra virgin olive oil.
  1. Use olive oil: It is the most commonly used oil in the Mediterranean diet. And it is considered the healthiest when compared to other types of oils. It is a food rich in beta-carotene and vitamin E which also gives it a great taste and aroma.
  2. Consume foods of plant origin: Although carbohydrates, proteins, and fats are necessary for the body to function properly, But fruits and vegetables should be a staple in your diet. Contains many vitamins, minerals and fiber. Therefore, it should be consumed between four and five servings per day.
  3. Fresh and seasonal selection: Processed foods should be avoided at all costs. And eating seasonally will help you absorb the nutrients and give your food flavor.
This diet is based mainly on fresh produce.This diet is based mainly on fresh produce.

Here are some tips for following the Mediterranean diet, but in summary: The important thing is to become the Mediterranean Sea again.Countries near this basin have a similar way of life, but with globalization and current changes, the uniqueness of each country has been lost. In the face of the confusing pace of today’s society, it is important to preserve some traditions. and promote those values Such as family food, refined food and an active life.

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