Collar wrinkles: Cell phones and other devices It’s adding wrinkles to your neck. Know how to avoid

The neck skin is quite thin and flexible. This allows your neck to move properly. But continuously working in the same position with the neck bent will cause wrinkles. (Tips for preventing neck wrinkles)

As age increases As wrinkles begin to appear on the face The flexibility of the throat also begins to decrease. The elastic neck skin gradually appears thinner and wrinkles begin to form around the neck. Work stress and working with the neck bent further increases this problem. To avoid the collar It is important to take care of certain things along with lifestyle changes. Here are some tips to prevent wrinkles around the collar.

Why do wrinkles begin to grow on the neck? (Causes of collar wrinkles)

The problem of wrinkles is increasing due to many reasons. including lifestyle and genetics While some people develop crow’s feet around their eyes. But some people had laugh marks on their faces. There were also marks on some people’s necks. According to NIH research, the risk of aging increases rapidly due to the effects of smoking and UV rays. Moreover, for those who are used to working in the same position for a long time. The problem of neck wrinkles is also increasing.

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Know how to avoid (Tips to prevent neck wrinkles)

1. Vitamin C serum

Vitamin C keeps the skin soft and flexible. The antioxidants present in it help in making the facial skin healthy. According to NIH research, free radical problems can be solved with the use of vitamin C. To get rid of UV damage, use vitamin C continuously for 3 months. This way, the aging problem is reversed.

Benefits of Vitamin C
Free radical problems can be solved with the use of vitamin C. Photo: Shutterstock

2. Don’t avoid sunscreen.

Due to exposure to dust, dirt and sunlight, wrinkles begin to appear on the skin. Research from the National Institutes of Health in 2013 found that in order to eliminate the science of aging Apply sunscreen to your face every day. Apply SPF 30 to your face at 3 to 4 hour intervals throughout the day. Makes facial skin soft and increases elasticity.

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3. Use a moisturizer

Using moisturizer helps maintain skin elasticity. A 2014 NIH study found that it is recommended to use facial moisturizers that contain hyaluronic acid. When used, you can control the appearance of lines. Can be seen on the neck

Causes of neck wrinkles
These lines also appear on the neck due to neck bending. Image- Adobe Stock

4. Apply retinoid cream.

Retinol, rich in vitamin A, helps maintain skin elasticity. Using this anti-aging agent on the face reduces the dryness of the skin. Do a patch test before applying. Then apply a small amount on the face at first. This increases the firmness of the skin.

Remember these things too.

1. Do not smoke.

It is very important to avoid smoking to maintain skin elasticity. The nicotine present reduces the amount of collagen and reduces oxygen levels in the body. Because of this, wrinkles begin to appear on the skin.

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2. Don’t stay in the sun for a long time.

Prolonged exposure to the sun without protection causes dark spots and wrinkles on the skin. To avoid premature aging Should avoid exposure to strong sunlight. Because of this, there is a risk that the skin cells will be damaged.

3. Avoid using mobile phones.

The habit of arching the neck while using the phone for long periods of time can increase neck tilt problems. Instead of making the neck go in one direction. Instead, focus on movement. Because of this, the increased stiffness in the neck begins to decrease.

Don't use your cell phone while in bed.
The habit of arching the neck while using the phone for long periods of time can increase neck tilt problems. Image – Adobe Stock

4. Have a healthy lifestyle

Incorporate everything from exercise to healthy meals into your daily activities. Exercising for a period of time allows the body to remain strong and flexible, which helps protect the body from aging problems for a long time. This provides relief from the added stresses of life and the skin remains healthy.

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