Know Everything About Heavy Metal Detoxification – Learn Everything About Heavy Metal Detoxification

These symptoms can be seen in heavy metal poisoning. If this symptom persists for a long time You can fall prey to many health problems. Know everything about detoxification

Our body needs certain heavy metals such as zinc and iron to function properly. But excess in the body can be toxic. This is called heavy metal poisoning. At the same time, it affects the functioning of various organs in the body such as the liver, brain, lungs, etc. In addition, due to the toxicity of heavy metals Energy levels therefore decrease and fluctuations in blood composition are also seen. If this symptom persists for a long time You may fall prey to various health problems. Even mental problems like Alzheimer’s and dementia can cause you problems. Therefore, it is very important to detoxify the body from heavy metals from time to time.

Health Shots spoke with nutritionist Rashi Chahal to know more about this topic. While explaining the toxic effects of heavy metals Nutritionists also provide detoxification tips. So let us know the details about it.

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First of all, let’s know what heavy metal toxins are?

Metals are found naturally in the soil as they are part of the earth’s crust. According to the National Institutes of Health Heavy metals are chemical elements that have a specific gravity of at least five times that of water. Some metals, such as iron, zinc, and manganese, are essential for the proper functioning of the body. This is because these metals are responsible for functions such as regulating metabolism. production of red blood cells and helps the liver work

Detoxifying the body is very important.
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These types of heavy metals include:

Aluminum: Aluminum, which is commonly found in antiperspirants and other personal care products. Contributes to the accumulation of toxins in the body.

arsenic: This metal is often found in brown rice and seafood. While both inorganic and organic are found naturally. The inorganic form is more toxic.

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lead: Paint and glass are the leading causes of lead in older homes. It is also found in bone broth and unfiltered water. This type of metal is a concern when using traditional dental fillings.

thallium: Cruciferous vegetables like cabbage and kale can accumulate thallium from the soil.
These heavy metals can enter your body through certain environmental and dietary factors. Some sources include:

fossil fuel emissions
industrial waste
Pesticides used in crops
soil erosion

Vomiting also occurs due to headaches.
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Symptoms seen in the body in the initial stages of heavy metal exposure

Stomach pain and cramps
feel tired
have trouble breathing

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These symptoms appear when the situation becomes serious.

burning sensation and itching
infection problems
brain fog
having trouble seeing
cannot sleep

What is heavy metal detoxification?

A number of heavy metals have been found in your body. These toxins are found in the environment where you absorb and breathe them. You also get heavy metals through food. To understand whether you are suffering from heavy metal poisoning or not. You may need to undergo detoxification. The main goal of detox is to remove heavy metals from the nervous system and brain.

Detox is necessary
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How are heavy metal toxins tested?

Your doctor will test your urine, serum, red blood cells, plasma, or whole blood. To check the level of toxins present in the body Don’t be surprised when you have your sample tested against more than 30 different elements. Different processes are used in the detoxification test. This is because each type of toxin is excreted in a different way.

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When heavy metals are detected You may need to undergo chelation therapy. This process, which you can do at home. is the use of chelating agents to remove toxins by binding to molecules. let it melt then excreted through urine

Know everything about the heavy metal detox diet.

1 Food rich in vitamins and minerals

There are some special foods that can help you flush out heavy metals from your body. These foods bind to metals and are removed from the body during the digestion process. Consuming foods rich in vitamins and minerals reduces side effects caused by heavy metals. For heavy metal detox You can include food items like garlic, blueberries, lemon juice, barley grass juice, green tea, tomatoes, biotic fruits, etc. in your diet.

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2 Vitamin C is important

Lack of certain nutrients, such as vitamin B, vitamin B6, and vitamin C, makes it difficult for the body to tolerate heavy metals. And toxicity begins to increase in the body. For example, vitamin C helps regulate iron levels. In the same way Nutrients contained in other foods It helps maintain the balance of various types of heavy metals.

Vitamin C helps relieve skin problems.
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You must stay away from these 3 foods.

To effectively detox heavy metals Along with consuming vegetables and fruits for health. There are also certain foods that need to be avoided, such as processed foods and excess fat. These foods have very little nutritional value and can slow down the detox process. This is because fat absorbs toxins that are in the body. and difficult to eliminate those toxins In this situation Try to avoid rice completely. Especially brown rice, some fish, alcohol, and non-organic foods.

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