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Butt ko shape mei laane ke tips,- tips to make the butt shape

To keep the lower body strong and active It is important to include exercise in your daily routine. Otherwise, physical problems that increase with age will take over the body. To keep the body fit In addition to reducing belly fat Improving the shape of your butt is also important. In addition to improving eating habits Some special exercises are also required as part of the daily routine. Exercise makes the muscles active and makes the body strong. Know the secret to reducing butt fat.

Follow these tips to keep your butt in shape. (Tips for reducing fat in the buttocks)

1. Going up the stairs

Climbing stairs is a good way to burn off the calories stored in your body. According to research in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, women climbed stairs at a rate of 90 steps per minute, about two minutes at a time, in the first week of the study. I go up the stairs once a day. five days a week In the seventh and eighth weeks They climb the stairs five times a day. five days a week Women get a lot of benefits from doing this exercise for 10 minutes a day. This strengthens the leg muscles and starts reducing butt fat too.

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Climbing stairs is good exercise. Photo: Shutterstock

2. Hiking

Long walks also help a lot. Walking for a long time without stopping strengthens the leg muscles. It relieves frequent fatigue in the body and also increases physical strength. Walking for 30 minutes throughout the day is very effective. This makes the body alert.

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3. Rock climbing

Rock climbing burns more calories than walking for long periods of time or climbing stairs. Indoor climbing in a gym is not only completely safe. But it also helps in losing weight. Stretching your leg muscles not only makes them stronger. But it also helps burn fat accumulated in the thighs and buttocks. Because of this, mental health remains good.

4. Yoga is beneficial

By practicing yoga for 15 to 20 minutes a day, your body will be able to fully stretch. This helps remove muscle tension and increases flexibility in the body. This is because stretching the muscles causes the fat that accumulates in the lower abdomen to automatically start burning. Because of this, the body posture begins to improve. To burn fat accumulated in the body Do Pranayam, namely Chakrasana, Sasangasana, Matsyasana, Malasana and Kapalbhati at regular intervals every day.

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Breathing exercises can save us from many problems. Image – Adobe Stock

5. Squat

Doing squats every day The shape of the buttocks will begin to improve. Helps relieve leg pain and knee problems. Doing this every day will strengthen your hamstrings, glutes, and hips. To keep your butt in shape, do 15 to 20 squats 2 to 3 times a day. Focus on increasing your reps rather than adding too much load to your workout. during squash Bending your knees and staying in the same position for a while will strengthen your glutes.

6. Stab

You need to try lunges to burn off the fat stored in your thighs. Lunges are very useful for strengthening and keeping the lower body fit. To do this Stand and place your hands on your waist. After that, lift your left leg out and place your right knee on the floor. After remaining in this position for 2 to 3 seconds, straighten and place your other knee on the floor. This way, your butt muscles will become strong and fat will start burning.

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