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Areas of Spain at highest risk of outbreak due to COVID-19 | health care online

Outbreaks will continue over the coming months. So it is up to society to prevent things from happening. Things got worse again and I had to return to a horrible place of confinement.

Although many people think that when confinement ends The risk of infection will disappear. Today it can be seen that there is not much further to go.. Risk of recurrence due to COVID-19 There were and still are people infected all over Spain every day. The truth is that there are areas of Spain where the risk is much higher and that is why we must continue to carry out well-established preventive measures.

Risk of outbreak in Spain

There are many factors that must be taken into consideration. When it comes to being able to carefully analyze the risk of continued outbreaks in certain areas of Spain:

Depends on the number of residents and mobility. The risk of infection is much higher.
  • It depends on the number of residents and their mobility. The risk of infection is much higher..
  • The type of population in a locality is another factor to consider. Having a young population is not the same. than another, weaker and older group.
  • Health system of the said area It is important to know the risks of new growth.

Considering these many factors Spanish areas will have to take more serious measures. Because the percentage of people suffering from the new spread of Covid-19 is high..

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Spanish provinces at highest risk of infection

If population density is taken into account The provinces with the highest number of new infections are Madrid and Barcelona. They are also the two Spanish provinces with the greatest mobility of people..

The government therefore agreed that it should be the last person to end detention.At present, there is serious concern from the authorities that they will again be a major source of infection.

Spanish provinces most at risk of new outbreaks

However, other factors must be taken into account, such as the type of population residing in that province. In this way, there are certain areas of Spain that have a high number of elderly people or people with respiratory problems. The same is the case with Castellón or Cantabria.In addition, the health system is also important. by critical areas of Spain such as Salamanca or Segovia

Active focus today

Even though the imprisonment has ended But there are still outbreaks and infections continuing in Spain. There are currently around 12 outbreaks of Covid-19 across Spain.

Areas most affected by the emergence of such new outbreaks It is the city of Huesca Navarra, which has approximately 21 cases. and Galicia 9 patients were detected.

 There are many areas across Spain where cases are increasing. There are many areas across Spain where cases are increasing.

There are also several areas across Spain that have seen a surge in cases. Some of them were admitted to the ICU, as was the case in Lleida province. Moreover, it is good for people to know that today people are still dying due to coronavirus infection.

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The pandemic still exists. And unfortunately, it will take some time for it to go away.. In the absence of the long-awaited vaccine It is important to create awareness among the entire population so that they can take further preventive measures. Until today Masks remain mandatory in all common areas. In addition to daily hand hygiene

Outbreaks will continue over the coming months. So it is up to society to prevent things from happening. Even worse and Must return to the terrifying confinesIf society is always aware of the seriousness of everything related to COVID-19 It is also likely that the new situation will be less severe than the one experienced just a few months ago across Spain.

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