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Greater pleasure in sex or better quality sleep are just some of the benefits of this new stage of life.

Positive aspects of menopause

Menopause is a natural process in which a woman stops reproductive activity. The ability to reproduce is lost. It is caused by the loss of ovulation due to a decrease in the hormonal system. Menopause can be normal between the ages of 45 and 55, or early if it occurs before age 40, at any age. It is a phase of transformation that represents a change in a woman’s life. There are also changes in the body. Basically worse This is mainly due to a decrease in the natural hormone estrogen. Women gain weight more easily. There is a higher incidence of heart attacks. Increased risk of bone loss Impaired urinary system, etc.

From all of the above Most women face the arrival of menopause in a painful way. Not only because of the physical changes. But also the mind. Because it marks the end of their fertile period. Have better health and also remind those who have entered old age.

There are many articles out there that provide information about the physiological changes that occur during menopause. So we will focus on the positives emerging in this new phase. So that women can experience it from a more positive perspective.

Many women who have gone through menopause claim that their lives have improved because of a change in their outlook on life. For example, they claim that they feel more confident about themselves. They are no longer afraid to say anything. And they began to live a more relaxed life.

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1- Have more free time

This is not a benefit of menopause. But it is something that comes with menopause. Within the group of working women Menopause is a reminder that retirement will soon come. It is what fills them with positivity. Because that means a Have more freedom and time For them and their families It is comforting to be able to relax after a lifetime of work. Now they will be able to devote themselves more deeply to their favorite hobbies such as reading, traveling, drawing or just enjoying an afternoon with good friends. There are women who sign up for one or more weekly activities to break the routine and do something they enjoy.

2- Continue old friendships.

It is another positive aspect of reaching this stage of life. Having more free time Maybe it will be easier to meet friends who may be in the same situation as you and share experiences.

3- Live your sexual life in another way.

Sexual desire at the beginning of menopause decreases due to decreased hormones. which is a natural process However, there are some such studies. Duke University It has been shown that when you have Experience with more pleasureYou can also enjoy sex more openly and naturally. The main thing is not to stop practicing even if the desire is not very high. Increasing your desire will be easier if you follow the following tips that we have provided in this article.

during menopause Having sex will be more enjoyable.

In other words, sexual problems that women may have during perimenopause and perimenopause are not so much a problem over many years. But it is more a problem of laziness. You need to focus more on fanning the flames. But it is possible to achieve the goal. Even if you have to put in more effort. Lack of estrogen makes it less prone. But that doesn’t mean women should have fewer relationships. The more often The more I want to continue in the future. Another advantage is if you are not pregnant. You will be able to have sex more freely. On the other hand, a new stage of vaginal dryness appears due to a lack of estrogen. It’s normal. But it is a problem that can be easily controlled with feminine lubricants.

4- Continue healthy habits.

Menopause helps us remember that we are old age, so we need to start changing our health habits. Men take longer to realize this. And maybe when they want to start changing By then it is too late and they are not as successful as women who started earlier. Moreover, paradoxically, When we take better care of ourselves We will feel younger and more energetic. Good, healthy, natural and balanced food keeps us energized. And if we do a little light exercise 3 or 4 days a week. We will be in a better mood and have a healthier body. Menopause is a warning signal from our bodies that we need to start taking better care of ourselves. By changing our physical habits, we will be better off. So even though it may sound contradictory, But we will feel more powerful.

DescriptionMany women begin to regain healthy habits as they enter menopause.

5- We need less time to sleep.

When estrogen decreases, women tend to Sleep several hours less, woke up earlier than usual It’s usually annoying if we’re not resting well during our hours of sleep, but if we can control it, Exercise and eat well. We can therefore be confident that our sleep hours are of good quality.. We will be able to relax but take less time. So we can make better use of the day, for example with hobbies or things that excite us. Let’s spend some time in the sunshine.

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Many unemployed or retired women take advantage of the morning to run errands. Practice your hobby or other activities Afterwards, they still have free afternoons to spend with family or friends.

6- We gain more wisdom and self-confidence.

Another positive aspect is that at this point many women understand that life. It was too short to worry about what others thought of him.. They begin to accept themselves as they really are. and freedom from social pressures that lead women to be or behave in a certain way. You stop biting your tongue and start saying what you really want. It’s a shame this practice didn’t start sooner.

On the other hand, the years have not passed in vain. We’ve already left. Accumulating experience and wisdom we can help our families.Our children, now well-formed adults, will come to us for advice and opinions.

Finally, while there are many negative aspects to menopause, to be honest, there are more negative aspects than positive ones. We shouldn’t dwell on our misfortunes. And we must take advantage and take advantage of what this new phase of life brings us. Only in this way can we move forward and be happy. Holding on to the past will not serve us any good. Start thinking about what changes to introduce in order to be happy with our future.

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