5 myths related to hair loss. Know 5 myths related to hair loss.

Broken hair appearing on pillowcases, beds, and floors is a common hair problem. Everyone is affected by this at some point in their lives. We feel depressed when we see broken hair. We believe there are many things we hear to stop hair loss. And began to try various types of treatment methods as well. Experts say that if you accept any misunderstanding, and started experimenting with hair Show that it’s wrong. We have to examine the facts of it. Let us know some myths and facts related to hair loss.

Why does my hair fall out?

In addition to genetics Hair loss can also be a result of hormonal changes. medical conditions or increasing age as well Deficiencies in riboflavin, biotin, folate and vitamin B12 have been linked to hair loss. Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) is a component of two important coenzymes: flavin mononucleoside. Tide (FMN) and Flavin Adenine Dinucleotide (FAD) due to their lack, hair begins to fall out.

Here are 5 myths and facts related to hair loss (5 Myths and Facts About Hair Loss).

1. Myth – Washing your hair frequently causes hair loss.

fact: Frequent washing of hair Doesn’t cause hair loss We have this idea in our minds that washing your hair will remove essential oils from your head and cause hair loss. In fact, regular cleaning helps maintain a healthy skull. Dirt causes a buildup of excess oil and product. Wash your hair with a gentle shampoo at least twice a week. Use hair conditioner too.

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My hair does not fall out from washing my hair over and over.
Frequent washing of hair Doesn’t cause hair loss. Image: Adobe Stock

Myth 2: Wearing hats causes hair loss.

fact: Wearing a hat does not directly cause hair loss. The hair follicles are buried deep in the scalp. Wearing it on the head does not affect its strength due to external pressure. To avoid skull infections It is important to keep your headgear clean. Hair may fall out due to infection.

3. Myth: Hair loss in old age

fact: Hair loss is not limited to any age group. It affects people of all ages. These may include adults and teenagers as well. Hair loss increases with age, factors such as stress, hormonal changes. And lifestyle can cause hair loss at any stage of life.

4. Myth: Hair loss is permanent.

fact: It is believed that hair loss is permanent. natural hair loss This is a normal part of the hair growth cycle. Long-term hair loss can definitely reduce its density. Some forms of hair loss are permanent, such as alopecia areata, but most are temporary. Hair loss can be treated with preventative measures and lifestyle changes.

Hair loss may not be permanent.
It is believed that hair loss is permanent. Image: Adobe Stock

5. Myth: Stress is the main cause. (Stress causes hair loss)

fact , Stress is a common cause of hair loss. But it’s not the only reason. Stress disrupts the natural growth cycle of hair. Nutrient deficiencies and certain medical conditions can also affect hair. Stress management is important for overall health. Therefore, finding a holistic solution to your hair loss is important.

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