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Quarantine measures include quarantining people infected with the virus and those around them.

As of today, there is no vaccine that can stop the spread of COVID-19. or the famous coronavirus.while waiting for the long-awaited vaccine to come out The most effective measure to prevent further infection is none other than isolating the virus. This can be done by separating infected people from each other. And in this way It will help prevent COVID-19. It spreads quickly throughout the population.

Measures include quarantine. to those who are sick with the virus and those around them who may be infectedThis separation doesn’t just happen in hospitals. But it also happens in the homes of people suspected of being infected with the virus.

Fourteen days of isolation

Although quarantine initially referred to the 40 days an infected person must remain isolated, Today there is no need to quarantine for many days.According to information, symptoms of coronavirus take a week to appear after infection. For this reason, it was decided that the quarantine period should be approximately 14 days, although a minimum number of people may have a longer incubation period.

which people should quarantine

Health authorities are responsible for deciding who is responsible for quarantine.. They define persons who must undergo such quarantine through different protocols:

As of today, there is no vaccine that can stop the spread of COVID-19. or the famous coronavirus
  • People who have had direct contact with an infected person The same is the case with health workers who do not take appropriate preventative measures. or family or close people
  • People who have been in the same place as the contact case within a distance of not more than two meters.
  • Those people who were on the same plane as a confirmed or probable case of coronavirus. Including the crew on the plane.
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Can people be forced to quarantine?

The answer to this question is clear: Yes, you can force yourself to quarantine.This is the case for all people from Wuhan related to their country of origin. Additionally, any person diagnosed with the famous virus must remain quarantined. Therefore, whenever the officials see fit Anyone who disagrees must be quarantined.

Is it necessary to protect and lock down the city?

Experts agree that implementing quarantine measures is key to ensuring the number of infections does not skyrocket. and there was no collapse of the general population.

Experts agree that it is important to use containment measures.Experts agree that it is important to use containment measures.

Take the Chinese city of Wuhan as an example.This requires very severe measures. and currently Many people have recovered from the virus. and the number of infected persons has decreased greatly This is why it does not make sense to lock down cities if the government and officials believe and think so, as happened in the case of Italy.

All of these measures are only minor measures if they can stop the spread of COVID-19. famousQuarantine is one of them and serves to isolate the virus until the long-awaited vaccine arrives. Democratic countries were initially reluctant to these types of measures. But gradually the social panic that has occurred in the past few months has led health authorities to opt for quarantine as a containment measure. That is why all citizens must cooperate and quarantine themselves if officials think there is a slight risk of infection.

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