Lifestyle changes for high blood pressure Treat high blood pressure by changing your lifestyle.

Sedentary lifestyle Carelessness in eating and drinking tension not getting enough sleep It is the cause of high blood pressure. This is very common these days.

A large number of people in India fall prey to high blood pressure. Also known as the silent killer. Because it won’t let you know about symptoms until there’s damage to your arteries and body. High blood pressure can cause a number of problems. The first problem is the risk of heart disease such as stroke and heart attack. Because of this, you remain at risk for many important diseases such as kidney problems and diabetes.

Understand the problem of high blood pressure

First let us know what is normal blood pressure? And what is high blood pressure? Normal blood pressure is less than 120/80, with 120 being systolic blood pressure. or the pressure of blood against the arterial walls when the heart beats, and 80 refers to diastolic pressure. or the pressure between heartbeats, showing pressure. Anything over 120/80 is considered high blood pressure. and high blood pressure starting at 140/90, blood pressure lowering medication starting at 139/89

Starch increases blood sugar levels.
Powder increases your blood sugar levels. Image: Shutterstock

due to high blood pressure

Too much salt in your food
not exercising enough
drinking too much alcohol
Have a family history of high blood pressure
use stress

Make these lifestyle changes to control high blood pressure.

Exercise regularly

You need to exercise for 30 to 60 minutes, 5 days a week. This will help reduce blood pressure levels. The results of exercise will appear on your body quickly. If you haven’t exercised in a while Increasing your activity level may begin to lower your blood pressure after just a few weeks. If you have never exercised before You may need to consult a doctor to do this.

High blood sugar damages the retina.
If you already have high blood pressure and are overweight. Image: Shutterstock

change your diet

Eating a healthy diet is the secret to a healthy body and nothing else. The Mediterranean diet reduces heart problems and also improves cholesterol levels. The diet consists of nutritious foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables. nuts and seeds A low-carb diet rich in poultry, fish, and lean meat can also help with weight loss. Losing weight can also help lower blood pressure.

Losing weight is important.

If you already have high blood pressure and are overweight You can lose weight Maintaining a healthy body weight can greatly reduce your risk of developing high blood pressure. Specifically, you should lose weight in your abdominal area. Increasing belly fat increases your risk of high blood pressure.

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