Let us know about winter skin care mistakes – Know about common winter skin care mistakes.

We all make many mistakes while caring for our skin, consciously or unconsciously. Which, instead of benefiting the skin, causes more harm. especially in winter The skin becomes very dry and sensitive. and due to lack of information Women often try skin care tips that make their skin more dry. To avoid such problems Having accurate information about skin care mistakes is very important.

Health Shots spoke with Dr. Stuti Khare Shukla, dermatologist and founder of Elements of Aesthetic, about this. He talks about the winter skin care mistakes we make that, instead of improving the condition of our skin, worsen it.

Know here about common winter skin care mistakes. (Winter skin care mistakes)

1. Taking a hot bath for a long time

People like to take warm baths in winter. Meanwhile Some people tend to take long hot showers. To reduce stress and body aches. This mistake can seriously damage your skin. Hot water strips natural oils from the body. And in this condition, blood flow also increases. This is because you may face redness and inflammation.

Avoid taking long showers.
Avoid taking long, hot showers. Photo: Shutterstock

As the dermatologist said Avoid taking a hot shower for more than 15 minutes. After showering, be sure to properly moisturize your entire body.

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2. Skip the sunscreen.

Many people use sunscreen to protect themselves from the summer sun. But while enjoying the beautiful winter sunshine We forgot to apply sunscreen. This is one of the most common mistakes that repeats itself in winter. Whether it’s cold, rainy, or hot, in every season, UVA and UVB rays can penetrate the skin and cause damage to the skin and cause premature aging.

To avoid harmful effects You can use any SPF sunscreen starting at 30 SPF in any ratio you choose. But remember, don’t accidentally skip it in winter.

3. Don’t care about moisture.

Moisturizing is one of the most effective and simple solutions to all skin problems. In winter people feel more thirsty so they drink water. But in winter, people often don’t drink enough water. Resulting in dehydration of the body. In case of lack of water The skin becomes drier and the risk of skin problems increases.

Therefore, drink adequate amounts of water and try to keep your body fully hydrated. Hydrated skin stays hydrated and looks glowing and soft.

Skin care mistakes to avoid
Being aware of skin care mistakes is very important. Image: Adobe Stock

4. Exfoliate the skin too much

In winters, it is very important to exfoliate to remove dead skin cells stuck inside the pores. But during this dry and severe season If you exfoliate your skin more often It may cause problems for your skin.

Regular exfoliation can make your skin dry and more sensitive. This results in problems like acne, pimples, etc. that are troubling you.

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5. Do not wash off makeup.

Most people are lazy during the winter. And because the weather is very cold So they didn’t dare touch the water. In this situation Especially when women come from outside. They leave makeup on the skin for a long time. Sometimes due to light makeup So she slept with makeup on all night.

Because of this, dirt accumulates in the pores and skin problems can bother you. Therefore, you should always remember that no matter how cold it is, you should remove your makeup immediately after returning home.

How to protect your face from pollution
Follow these tips to keep your skin healthy. Image: Adobe Stock

6. Using skin care products during the summer

There are many women who use summer skin care products even in winter. This isn’t fair. In summer the skin becomes oilier and smoother. While in winter the skin becomes very dull and dry. Therefore, different products should be used in these two seasons.

In summer, people use oil-free water-based products, but in winter, your skin needs more moisture. Which oil-based moisturizers can be used? Taking into account your skin type and season You can choose skin care products according to your situation.

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