Don’t know why your pores are clogged because of habits – know which habits make your pores larger.

Open pores attract dirt, sebum, etc. as they remain at risk of infection and pore blockage.

Healthy pores are very important for healthy skin. Many people have clogged or very large pores. Clogged or enlarged pores are harmful to the skin. Due to closed pores The risk of acne and acne increases. Meanwhile, open pores attract dirt, oil, etc. towards themselves. This is because there is still a risk of infection and clogged pores.

The question is, why do pores get bigger? We often talk about solutions for large pores. (enlarged pores) but does not talk about its cause, which is more important. There are many things in our habits that can cause our pores to open.

Dermatologist Dr. Suyomi, alias Dr. Su, talked about some of the causes of open pores through her Instagram post. So please let us know why the pores are getting bigger and also know how to manage them.

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Exfoliate your skin periodically. Photo: Shutterstock

Know which habits make your pores larger. (The cause of large pores)

1. Too much exfoliation

The exfoliation process is used to reach the sebum and remove dust and dirt. This is because the dirt hidden in your pores comes out. And it is still perfectly clean and of normal size. When you over-exfoliate, that is, you start exfoliating too much, your skin becomes very dry.

In this situation Oil glands produce excessive amounts of sebum and oil to maintain dryness. This causes the pores to become clogged and appear larger. So don’t exfoliate more than once or twice a week.

2. Skip the sunscreen.

As age increases The elasticity of the skin begins to decrease. and the size of the pores appears larger In this situation Prolonged exposure to sunlight accelerates the aging process. This makes the pores of the skin appear larger. Fine lines and wrinkles are also visible.

Too much sunlight can damage your skin.
Sun protection is the most important thing. Image: Adobe Stock

To avoid this situation Don’t skip sunscreen, even if you don’t mean to. Even if there is no sunlight in the winter or it is cloudy during the rainy season, it is still necessary to apply sunscreen. Provides protection to the skin from the sun and reduces the dangers of the sun.

3. Do not wash off makeup.

The habit of sleeping with makeup on can block and clog your pores. Because of this, dust, dirt, and makeup products remain on the skin for a long time and enter the pores. In this situation The pores of the skin will appear larger. And the risk of acne, pimples, and pimples increases.

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No matter how tired you are, you should always remove your makeup before going to bed. Remove thoroughly with makeup remover or a natural makeup remover such as petroleum jelly or coconut oil. Then don’t forget to wash your face.

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Picking or squeezing the pimple will make the condition worse. In case of itching Give a light touch with a cotton swab. Image: Adobe Stock

4. Habit of squeezing acne and blackheads

Nowadays, everyone has the habit of squeezing out pimples and pimples. Meanwhile People often touch their skin and pimples over and over and keep scratching. This will cause blackheads and pimples to start appearing on the skin.

In addition to doing this Dark spots and blemishes start to form on the skin. And the pores of the affected part of the skin will look very large and open. If you want to avoid this problem, Avoid the habit of scratching. skin contact and squeeze acne repeatedly

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