Know how to protect yourself from laptop rashes – Know how to prevent laptop rashes

Excessive and incorrect use of laptops can cause redness and rashes on the skin. Know everything about this condition.

Nowadays, with increasing technology The use of electronic devices is also increasing. In almost every office employee using laptop If it is found that nowadays people use their laptops on average 10 to 12 hours every day. Excessive use of laptops can cause many side effects on the body. But perhaps none of you know that laptops can affect your skin. In common language, this problem is called laptop rash. In this situation You may face many skin problems.

Dermatologist Dr Siomi alias Dr Su has provided a lot of important information related to laptop rash. If you are using your laptop more for office work, gaming, editing, etc. then you must read this article.

Know why laptops cause rashes. (What is laptop rash?)

The laptop’s exposure to heat is not high enough to cause direct burns. But because of this, a mild and temporary rash occurs. If they build fishing net like structures on their skin It is called toasted skin syndrome.

Maintain a proper distance from your laptop.
Maintain a proper distance from your laptop. Image: Adobe Stock

Prolonged and repeated exposure to heat, especially while working on a laptop, on the thighs It can cause a rash with red skin. Because of this, the skin becomes very thin, as skin wounds can bother you. Some patients also complain of itching and burning during this time.

What are the symptoms of laptop rash?

skin rash (especially on the thighs)
burning sensation
redness of the skin
Skin rash or skin bumps
Black marks

Know how to protect yourself

The best way to avoid this condition is to avoid chronic exposure to heat sources. It has very little effect on your skin. A very small red rash can be seen on the skin. So by protecting against these things over time. You can prevent this condition from increasing. If the problem gets worse, longer treatment may be needed. In this condition even after treatment Your skin will appear much darker than your normal skin tone for a long time.

Baath Shakti Hai Pareshani
Problems may increase. Image: Shutterstock

In severe cases Retinoids and laser treatments may be required to maintain the skin’s appearance. Therefore, your laptop should be avoided as much as possible. Especially do not let it come into contact with your skin.

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Avoid resting your laptop on your thigh while working. To do this Use comfortable chairs and tables. while if you want to place it on the thigh It is necessary to create a barrier in between. which you can use pillows etc.

It’s not just laptops that are responsible for the toasted skin.

Toasted Skin Syndrome is a condition caused by constant exposure to heat. Using a heating pad, hot water bottle, and taking a warm shower may make you feel better. especially in winter People tend to do these things over and over again. But you should be careful about your skin. Because your skin is constantly exposed to these things, it can gradually cause sunburn to occur on your skin.

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