How to make homemade ubtan and its benefits,- How to make homemade ubtan and its benefits.

Every week my grandmother used to prepare a mixture for me before bathing. The mixture prepared by mixing things like neem leaves and sandalwood powder will keep you refreshed throughout the day. After applying it, acne and wrinkle problems are gone. But in the era that has changed Face masks and face masks have replaced Ubtan which is becoming very popular. With the increasing flow of new products Pasta made from natural ingredients loses its individuality. If you want to maintain the elasticity of your face in a natural way. Therefore, the use of Ubtan proves to be very effective for that.
How to make ubtan at home and its benefits in maintaining skin elasticity (How to make ubtan at home)

Due to aging and the effects of chemicals Wrinkles begin to appear on the face. which begins to affect the elasticity of the skin There are a lot of changes in the beauty industry these days. Because of this, people started using new types of products. But it is important to be careful while using it. Many times, overuse of chemicals takes away both the moisture and glow of the skin. In this situation Using natural items is not only beneficial to you. But it also helps maintain the skin’s elasticity.

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Ubtan will make the face flexible.
Using natural things will not only prove beneficial for you. But it also maintains the skin’s elasticity. Image: Shutterstock

First, let’s know why we promote homemade ubtan for skin elasticity.

1. Eliminate wrinkles

Due to not taking care of the facial skin properly The problem of wrinkles on the skin has therefore begun to increase. Using natural astringents is beneficial in making dull skin look glowing. As a result, the pores of the skin become tighter. which helps in maintaining skin elasticity

2. Exfoliate the skin

To keep the skin naturally clean, regular use of Home Mate Ubtan will help nourish the skin. Due to this, dead skin cells begin to be removed. which prevents blackheads from forming The cream, which is rich in exfoliating properties, can be used all year round. which does not cause harm to the skin

3. Prevent acne.

If you clean your skin regularly Therefore, black heads and white heads do not occur due to dirt accumulated in the pores. In this situation Apply the cream on your face and massage for a while and then leave it on. Wash your face after 20 to 25 minutes, thus keeping the skin soft.

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4. Eliminates tanning.

Gram flour, turmeric powder, and sandalwood are good options for removing tan. Skin tone can be improved by using these in rubbing. Apart from daytime, you can also use it at night. Additionally, if you use it before showering, you will feel refreshed all day long.

Let us know the 3 types of homemade ubtan and how to use them (how to make ubtan at home).

1 neem

Neem is rich in antibacterial properties. Helps keep facial skin free from spots, rashes, and wrinkles. Mixing neem, the main herb, with sandalwood powder, known as a natural astringent, and applying it on the face helps solve the problem of dead skin cells. Moreover, moisture remains on the face. This helps the face to be free from wrinkles.

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How to prepare

Mix equal amount of sandalwood powder in 1 teaspoon of neem powder. Now mix half a tablespoon of Multani Mitti in it. And prepare a concentrated solution by adding rose water. Apply it on your face and let it dry. Wash your face after leaving it on your face for 10 to 15 minutes.

2 lentil paste

Rich in protein and fiber, red lentils enhance the beauty of the face. This not only helps with tan problems. But it also helps to remove wrinkles that appear on the skin. Mixing gram flour, milk and tomatoes and applying it on the face is very beneficial.

How to prepare

To do this Mix lentil powder, rice flour, gram flour and multali mitti. Then put it in a bowl. Add a little turmeric to it as well. Now add milk as required and make a thick paste and apply it on the face. Because of this, the facial skin begins to tighten.

To maintain skin elasticity, use ubtan.
How to make ubtan at home and its benefits in maintaining skin elasticity (How to make ubtan at home) Photo: Adobe Stock

3 turmeric paste

Turmeric is most beneficial in improving facial skin. The curcumin component found in it helps in exfoliating the skin. Makes the skin look bright and soft. Everyone from dry to oily skin can use it.

How to prepare

To do this Mix half a teaspoon of turmeric with 2 teaspoons of oat powder. Now add orange peel powder and mix well. You can prepare the mixture by adding milk or curd. Now apply it on your neck, face and arms for some time. To maintain the elasticity of the face

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