How to get rid of itchy skin – How to get rid of itchy skin

due to dry wind The skin therefore has to face the problem of itching. Know how to solve simple problems To deal with the problem of itching that increases during the winter. (Home remedies for itchy skin)

The effects of daily temperature drops begin to show on the skin. This is due to the increased dryness of the air during winter and the wearing of too many layers of clothing. The problem of itching and rashes still exists. In this situation Sometimes this is caused by warm clothing. and sometimes due to dry wind The skin faces the problem of itching. The skin becomes inflamed, which affects the texture of the skin. without understanding skin problems So people started applying various types of creams and lotions. Know how to solve simple problems To deal with the problem of itching that increases during the winter. (Home remedies for itchy skin)

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First of all, we must know why we have to face the problem of itching.

Itching anywhere on the body causes irritation. The itching increases gradually. turned into a rash This causes redness on the skin which is at risk for inflammation. In this situation To quickly get rid of itching Time and time again we think of home remedies.

In this regard, dermatologist Dr. Navraj Virk said that in addition to psoriasis and eczema, Sometimes the problem of itching increases with contact with any plant. Additionally, increased dryness in the weather increases the problem of itching due to warm clothing. at the same time Wind burn also increases the problem of itching in some people and is atopic D especially in children. Increase the chance of itching Sometimes mosquito bites and burns also cause itching.

The skin appears to be affected by the rash.
This is because the sugar level in the body increases. As a result, red, yellow, and brown patches begin to appear on the skin. Image: Adobe Stock

Know how to get rid of itchy skin. (Tips to get rid of itchy skin)

1. Use alum.

Alum is an effective remedy for eliminating itching caused by increased dryness of the skin. After using it, the problem of itching and frequent rashes will be eliminated. Blended with alum which is rich in anti-inflammatory properties. Then apply it to the itchy area. This will soon bring relief.

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2. Oatmeal bath

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, a fiber-rich oatmeal bath helps moisturize the skin by eliminating itching. To do this Soak a bowl of oatmeal powder in 1 glass of water. After soaking in the water for 5 to 10 minutes, apply the cream on your body and massage with your hands. Because of this, the itching began to decrease.

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Benefits of taking an oatmeal bath to nourish the skin
All stress disappears with oatmeal bath and honey milk bath. Image:Shutterstock

3. Aloe vera gel

Aloe vera gel should be used to moisturize the skin. Applying aloe vera gel, which is rich in antibacterial properties, on the body can help relieve itching and burning on the skin. Due to this, the feeling of freshness in the skin increases. You can use this natural remedy regularly.

4. You will benefit from petroleum jelly. (petroleum jelly)

Be sure to use petroleum jelly to reduce inflammation. It can be applied anywhere from the eyelids to the lips. Due to this, the itching gradually disappears, and the dryness that increases in winter also decreases. Wet the itchy area slightly and use a towel to absorb and apply jelly to the area. Its use is in addition to the bacteria already present in the skin. It also helps alleviate the problem of excess oil.

Take care of these things.

1. Do not take a hot shower.

People who suffer from itching should use warm water when bathing. Due to this, the moisture content of the skin remains intact and the dryness of the skin begins to decrease as well.

2. Wear cotton clothes.

Wear cotton clothing instead of layering synthetics or wool. Provides coolness to the skin and also helps reduce skin rash problems.

3. Avoid taking a long shower.

Whether it’s winter or summer, if you sit in the bathtub for a long time, Skin moisture starts to decrease and dryness problems start to increase. In this situation Don’t spend a lot of time showering. Helps maintain the pH level of the skin.

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How does moisturizer benefit the skin?
Apply moisturizer to the skin immediately after showering. Image – Adobe Stock

4. Apply moisturizer.

Avoid wiping your skin clean after showering. Apply moisturizer after patting the skin gently with a towel. This will help keep the skin hydrated.

5. Do not use too much soap and detergent while washing clothes.

Avoid using excessive amounts of detergent while washing clothes. Because of this, the soap particles in the fabric are harmful to the skin and rash problems start to increase. Use a mild liquid soap. in washing clothes

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