How to control liquid calories to lose weight. Know how to control liquid calories to lose weight.

We want to lose weight But when we eat or drink many things Without realizing it, it may cause high calories. Ultimately, these things can increase our body weight. Calories that the body does not use for energy are stored as fat. This extra liquid also increases weight by increasing calories. Therefore, it is important to keep an eye on high-calorie liquids along with carbohydrates. We will tell you about 5 such measures which can help you control liquid calories.

First of all, you need to know what liquid calories are?

Alcohol, fruit juice, soft drinks, energy drinks, sugary drinks, sports drinks, coffee or tea are all liquid drinks. We continue to consume. Liquid drinks can indirectly increase our weight if consumed regularly. Fluid calories do not please us. It also does not suppress appetite for long. Even though all this Consuming liquid calories will increase your overall caloric intake. It also increases weight. It can also become the main cause of obesity.

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Control liquid calories with these 5 measures (5 ways to cut liquid calories to lose weight)

1. Start your day with warm water. (Warm water for weight loss)

The day should be started with warm water. Add a few drops of lemon to warm water. If you are not a diabetic patient You can also add a teaspoon of honey to it. which can help speed up metabolism (warm water for metabolism) helps in flushing toxins from the system. Makes you not feel the need to drink It can also help you lose weight. Herbal tea prepared with hot water at any time of the day can also eliminate cravings for processed energy drinks. (How to cut liquid calories)

Start your day with warm water.
Start your day with warm water. Image: Adobe Stock

Keep 2 water bottles with you (keep a water bottle to avoid liquid calories).

A properly hydrated start to the day can be done using warm water. Therefore, we should not be lost any longer. Keep in mind that sometimes our brains can’t differentiate between hunger and thirst signals. Even though I was thirsty, I still had a strong urge to eat. Whenever you feel like this, drink water. Your stomach may feel full after drinking water. Feeling full also reduces the chance of overeating.

I have 3 favorite soups (soups to avoid liquid calories).

The taste of ordinary water may not always be good for you. Try adding water to this. To do this, you just need to take your favorite vegetables, fruits and herbs. Dip it all into a separate glass filled with water. You can use this water after a few hours or the next day. You can also drink celery and cumin juice. For water, you can eat your favorite fruit or salad such as watermelon, orange, cucumber, tomato, carrot, etc. (How to cut out liquid calories) etc.) Calorie drinks. These low calorie supplements will control your appetite by stimulating your natural metabolism.

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4. Avoid carbonated drinks. (Avoid carbonated drinks to reduce liquid calories.)

Carbonated drinks, soda, iced tea, and packaged fruit juices are full of sugar. This may cause weight gain. Instead of doing this Please drink your own prepared beverage. (How to cut out liquid calories)

Soda water can damage the pan.
Carbonated drinks and soda water are loaded with sugar. Image: Adobe Stock

5. Limit coffee or tea to avoid liquid calories.

Coffee and tea are both good for your health. But too much caffeine causes dehydration. If you feel dehydrated You’ll be more likely to drink canned drinks. Therefore, both coffee and tea should be limited. (How to cut out liquid calories)

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