How to care for skin with white spots – Learn from homeopathic experts about factors and solutions that affect skin with white spots.

In addition to genetics, medications and poor lifestyles are also causes of vitiligo. This skin disease affects people on both a physical and mental level. Experts say that along with allopathy, homeopathy is also effective in treating vitiligo.

There can be many types of skin diseases. These things can affect your skin. These diseases can cause skin rashes, swelling, itching, or other changes in the skin. Skin disorders can also be genetic. In some cases, lifestyle issues can also cause them. Treatment of skin disorders may include medication. Cream or ointment and lifestyle changes One such skin disease is vitiligo or white spots. This has affected millions of people across the world. Apart from Allopathy and Ayurveda, Homeopathy is also available. Let us know from experts how effective Homeopathy is in treating this skin problem.

More than 10 crore people worldwide are suffering from Vitiligo.

There are many misconceptions among people about this disease. Generally people have very little knowledge about it. According to the IP Indian Journal of Clinical and Experimental Dermatology, more than 8.8 percent of people in the Indian subcontinent suffer from vitiligo.

This is much higher than any other country. According to the Vitiligo Research Foundation, more than 10 crore people worldwide are suffering from vitiligo. Because of this, they suffer both physically and mentally. Faced with social ostracism Because life is cut off from society They therefore also suffer psychologically.

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Homeopathy can provide effective treatment (Vitiligo Treatment in Homeopathy)

Vitiligo is an auto-immune condition. Skin infections occur because of disturbances to the immune system. Homeopathic medicines regulate the immune system and prevent the disease from spreading further. It also stimulates the skin to change color naturally, safely and most effectively. Homeopathic treatment of this disease can also resolve some of the common problems of the patient such as restlessness, sadness, depression.

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Homeopathic medicines regulate the immune system and prevent disease from spreading further. Image: Shutterstock

no side effects (Side effect of Homeopathy treatment)

Homeopathy medicines (Vitiligo Treatment in Hindi) are safe and effective for patients suffering from vitiligo. It also has no side effects. Helps relieve the patient’s symptoms in the long term. Clinical study of AKP Homeopathy Clinical Center, based on the condition of 259 out of 629 patients, patients with vitiligo or white spots improved. 42 out of 97 leukemia patients included in the study benefited from homeopathic treatment. This research demonstrates the effectiveness of homeopathic treatment for vitiligo. treatment)

Which homeopathic medicine is more effective? (Homeopathic Medicine for Vitiligo)

Most patients lose self-confidence and self-confidence due to vitiligo. They feel like they have lost everything because of this disease. Social isolation may compel them to commit suicide in some cases.

According to Dr. Batra, Pulsatilla is prescribed to patients based on their physical and emotional symptoms. (Vitiligo Treatment in Hindi) due to the effects of this medicine. The white spots will gradually disappear. Stops spreading on the skin With continued treatment and dietary changes The patches began to noticeably decrease. A noticeable improvement in the patient’s condition.
The strength of Arsulf Flavum 6C is also very useful at the beginning of the case. As a local alternative, 10 drops of Psoralen Con Q can be taken with 1 cup of water.

If there is a problem in the eyes, get homeopathic treatment.
With continued treatment and dietary changes The patches are starting to visibly shrink. Image: Adobe Stock

Why should deodorant be avoided in vitiligo? (Deodorant products can be harmful to patients with vitiligo.)

People with vitiligo can benefit from sunlight by waking up early in the morning. (Vitiligo Treatment in Hindi) They should include greens and leafy vegetables like spinach in their regular diet. These are rich in copper. Among the various minerals Copper is most effective for patients with vitiligo.

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It is important to remember that patients with vitiligo should avoid applying deodorant directly to the skin. It should be sprayed onto the cloth instead. The chemicals contained in deodorants may make symptoms worse instead of improving them.

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