How to avoid overeating – How to avoid overeating

The appetite increases during late night parties on the occasion of Christmas and New Year. which encourages you to eat to your heart’s content Let us know how you can avoid overeating during the festive season. (Tips for dealing with overeating)

There is no doubt that too much food has a negative effect on health. At the beginning of the celebration Most people start eating on demand without worrying about exercise. In fact During the late night parties on the occasion of Christmas and New Year Passion for food automatically increases in people. This triggers overeating. Cakes, fresh pies, alcohol and heavy meals start to trigger overeating. It has been proven to be the cause of obesity and many other physical problems. Learn from experts how to avoid overeating during the festival. (Tips for dealing with compulsive eating)

Talking about this, Dr Aditi, Head of Nutrition and Dietetics at Manipal Hospital Ghaziabad, said that overeating is very common during celebration times. This can cause weight gain. It also causes bloating, indigestion, cramping, and acid reflux. Meanwhile Increased levels of stress in the body also increase binge eating. Eating too much affects metabolism. which causes digestive problems In addition, the problem of hormonal imbalance is also starting to increase.

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Side effects of eating: Not feeling like you want to eat.
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Know what tips to follow to avoid overeating.

1. Avoid eating sweet foods.

Dr. Aditi said. Most people believe that caloric intake can be avoided by skipping meals. But in reality Skipping a meal increases your risk of overeating at the next meal. In this situation Instead of skipping meals Focus on controlling your calorie intake.

2. Eat small meals.

During the festival, people start eating a lot without worrying about gaining weight. Because of this, there is an increased risk of diabetes and increased cholesterol in the body. In this situation Instead of eating a full plate at one time Divide food into small portions. It keeps the digestive system healthy and can avoid weight gain.

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3. Don’t avoid exercise.

Exercising daily will ensure your metabolism remains optimal. In addition, additional fat in the body is also burned. If you neglect to exercise during the celebration It not only affects the digestive system. But eating too many sweets also increases sugar levels. This is proven to be the main cause of weight gain.

Find time to exercise.
In addition to cycling, swimming, and running, make time for some exercise or yoga.

4. Eating mindfully is important.

Choose healthy food options during a party or reception. For example, you can replace cake or pudding with dried fruits. You can also use lemon juice or fruit juice instead of soft drinks. Because of this, the amount of calories in the body begins to decrease.

5. Limit alcohol intake

According to NIH research, drinking too much alcohol leads to overeating. Drinking too much alcohol can cause your body to become dehydrated and start to feel hungry. This way you start eating more than your normal amount of food. Eating too much can make you fat.

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6. Eat slowly.

To keep your digestive system healthy, you should eat a complete diet. This makes food easier to digest and the body remains protected from the problem of overeating. In addition to healthy options Choose small plates to eat with. This will help protect you from overeating during the celebration.

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