Here’s how to get rid of allergy symptoms caused by woolen clothes. – How to get rid of allergy symptoms caused by woolen clothes.

The first and most effective way to avoid the cold is to wear woolen clothing. Experts recommend adding layers of clothing when temperatures drop. But some people are starting to have an allergic reaction to these drugs. Know the reasons and preventive measures.

To protect yourself from the cold wind People usually wear 3 to 4 layers of clothes. Because of this, the problem of rashes and itching begins to multiply. Sensitive skin and rough fabrics increase the problem of wool allergies in winter. Really allergic to wool Then there is the problem of woolen clothing. This can leave you feeling dry, red, and itchy on your skin. In this Health Shots article, we’ll tell you how to deal with allergies caused by fur clothing.

Understanding why fur clothing causes allergic reactions

According to the NIH, there is an energy risk from lanolin from sheep’s wool. The wool obtained from sheep’s wool is called lanolin. According to research conducted in 2001 on more than 24,000 people with allergies, 1.7 percent of people had an allergic reaction to lanolin.

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In this regard, Dr. Rinki Kapoor, a dermatologist, said that naphthalene balls are used when changing clothes from summer to winter. Because of this, these balls slowly release chemicals into the air to protect clothing. and when in contact with the skin The same chemicals also cause skin problems. Another cause of skin allergies in winter is pollen. Many plants produce pollen. This causes tears, itching and sneezing due to contact with it. Collagen levels in the skin begin to decrease. and the skin color appears yellow.

The threat from Sangraman has appeared.
Really allergic to wool Then there is the problem of woolen clothing. This can leave you with dry, red, and itchy skin. Photo: Shutterstock

Follow these tips to manage allergic reactions caused by wool clothing.

1 Avoid direct contact with woolen clothing.

Avoid wool clothing that comes into direct contact with the skin. Before wearing a sweater Wear several layers of stockings or cotton. Because of this, wool fibers do not come into direct contact with the skin. And your skin will be free from itching problems.

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2. Incorporate oil massage into your daily routine.

There is no doubt that dryness increases in winter. which causes itching In this situation After bathing, massage your arms, neck, and legs with the oil. It helps maintain skin moisture and solves the problem of irritation and itching caused by woolen clothing on the skin.

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3 Don’t take a bath that is too hot.

during winter People bathe in extremely hot water. This will cause the skin to begin to dry out. In this situation Use warm water when showering to protect your overall skin, including your hands and feet, from dryness. This will help keep the skin hydrated.

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4 Use unscented soap.

Avoid using scented soaps to avoid extra dryness during the winter months. The aromatic factors found in it increase the dryness of the skin. Also, don’t forget to use fabric softener when washing your clothes.

5 Apply cream or lotion after showering and before putting on clothes.

To avoid allergic reactions caused by wool clothing. Use cold cream or lotion. The problem of frequent itching and rashes can be avoided. Apply cream to protect yourself from the cold wind.

Follow these instructions before using fur clothing.

1.Keep it exposed to sunlight for a period of time.

After unpacking the clothes Let it dry in the sun for a while. When exposed to sunlight for at least 3 to 4 hours per day The effects of bacteria on clothes, blankets and duvets are beginning to be eliminated.

How to avoid allergies in winter
Winter clothes can cause winter allergies. Image: Shutterstock.

2. Wear it after washing.

Be sure to wash your wool clothes before wearing them. To remove dust in clothes In addition, the effect of naphthalene balls stored in clothes is also reduced.

3. Buy soft fabric.

To protect the skin from allergies Focus on the softness of the clothing rather than the warmth of the clothing. Helps protect the skin from redness and itching. It also helps relieve irritation and suffocation on the skin.

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