Follow these steps to wash your hair- Follow these steps to wash your hair.

The problem of dry hair increases due to cold winds. In this situation Washing your hair is the best way to reduce dryness. Washing your hair every day also increases the problem of hair loss. In such situations, it is necessary to use the correct hair washing technique. Most people use different types of shampoos and conditioners without knowing their hair type. Also, don’t go through the entire process of washing your hair. This increases the possibility of hair damage. Know the step-by-step tips for washing your hair in winter. (Tips for washing your hair)

Follow these steps to wash your hair. (hair washing process)

1. Head massage

due to lack of maintenance My hair started to dry out very quickly. In such situations, first of all, to moisturize the dry scalp. Massage your scalp with natural oils for a while. This makes the hair roots stronger.

2. Hot cloth

To make the hair strong after applying oil Soak a towel in hot water and tie your hair. This will help in repairing the hair follicles. In addition to using hot oil, you can also use a steam iron. Wring out the wet towel and wrap it around your hair for at least ten minutes. Helps restore lost shine to hair.

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Let's understand how to make a hot towel.
Let’s understand how to make a hot towel. Image: Adobe Stock

3. Natural moisture protection

due to the cold wind Problems of both dryness and dandruff in the hair therefore increase. To protect the hair from this Shampoo your hair by mixing apple cider vinegar and baking soda in water before using shampoo. Helps maintain natural moisture in the hair. The problems of accumulated pollution and dandruff were resolved.

4. Wash your hair

It’s time to wash your hair with shampoo. To do this Instead of using harsh, chemical-laden shampoos, use natural remedies or gentle shampoos. Also, choose a shampoo based on the quality of your hair.

5. Use a hair mask

After washing your hair Apply the mask to condition the hair. To do this Apply the mask evenly on slightly wet hair from roots to ends. This will remove roughness in the hair. In addition, the frizziness of the hair also began to decrease.

Hair masks are in demand.
Apply the mask evenly on slightly wet hair from roots to ends. Image: Adobe Stock

Take extra care of these to prevent your hair from drying out in winter.

1. Avoid using hair dryer tools.

People often use hair dryers to dry their hair. Because of this, the hair dries quickly. But the risk of hair breakage increases and hair dryness increases as well. In this situation Use a microfiber towel to dry your hair.

2. Washing your hair directly is dangerous.

Directly washing your hair without using oil will damage the hair roots. Because of this, dry hair increases and the hair follicles also become weak. In this situation Don’t avoid oiling and steaming your hair before washing.

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3. Avoid using hot water.

If you wash your hair with hot water in winter, it will cause the hair to lose moisture. Hair begins to look dry and lifeless. To eliminate dryness on the hair Wash your hair with cold water only after using shampoo, mask, or conditioner.

How to fix a wet baby
To keep tangled hair healthy Detangle only after it dries. Image-Adobestock

4. Avoid tangling wet hair.

Detangling hair is very important. But loosening wet hair can be harmful to your hair’s health. This results in hair loss and breakage of wet hair, weakening the hair follicles. Only the curls can be uneven. To keep tangled hair healthy Detangle only after it dries.

5. Use a clean hair brush.

Choosing the right shampoo is also important for hair health. Using a clean brush or comb is equally important. To make the hair strong Use a clean, soft brush. It is recommended to use a wooden comb.

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