Can wooden combs really control hair loss?

Nowadays, people use wooden combs instead of plastic combs. The craze for it is on the rise, especially among women. And the demand in the market is increasing every day as well. Most people believe that it reduces hair loss. (Wooden comb for hair loss) and is also beneficial for hair health. But have you ever tried to know if this is true or not? If that’s true Why are wooden combs more useful than plastic combs?

Today, to find out the answer to that question, Health Shots spoke with Dr. Kalpana Solanki, a dermatologist at Clinic Dermatech, so let us know from the experts whether wooden combs really don’t cause hair loss and are actually beneficial for the scalp. or not (Benefits of wooden combs)

Know here how a wooden comb is beneficial to you. (Benefits of wooden combs)

1. Environmentally friendly

Wooden combs are better than plastic and metal combs because they are more environmentally friendly. These are completely organic products and are made from bamboo or neem bark. In this situation It’s very easy to clean and it’s also good for your health. You can reuse it which makes it a better option.

The art of combing is most effective when combing hair.
Hair should be combed with a comb with thick teeth. Image:Shutterstock

2. Nourish hair and scalp

The teeth of wooden combs are softer than other combs and do not harm the scalp. Regular use of a wooden comb helps you distribute natural oils on your scalp and entire hair. This will help your hair look soft and shiny.

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3. Prevents hair from tangling and breaking.

Metal and plastic combs can cause the ends to become tangled. Meanwhile, the wooden comb will not get tangled. The wooden comb moves smoothly across the scalp and hair. (Hair fall control) helps the hair to get tangled more easily and prevents hair breakage (hair loss). Split ends can also be avoided safely with this. You shouldn’t brush wet hair. Only comb Always use a wooden comb for hair loss.

4. Promote hair growth

Want long, beautiful, thick hair? Choose a wooden comb! Massages the scalp skin without causing pain. Experts believe that it also improves blood circulation, making hair look long and healthy (wooden comb for hair loss).

Protects hair from breakage.
A wooden comb prevents hair breakage. Image: Adobe Stock

5. Gentle on the scalp

The carbon-based wooden comb massages the scalp in a supportive way without scratching the skin. The scalp likes the feel of wood. (feels soft) which promotes blood circulation and healthy oil production Did you know that your scalp also has different types of acupressure points? A gentle massage with a wooden comb helps soothe your nerves. calm the mind And make you feel better! It can also effectively solve the problem of dandruff.

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