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Discover this type of cancer, treatment and prognosis… What is leukemia? And what is the effect?

Cancer is one of the most common and feared diseases in people aged 35 years and over. Although unfortunately there are more and more cases of cancer among children and teenagers. Cancer also includes a group of diseases characterized by the body producing various abnormal cells. that causes symptoms of intoxication in the body It affects many parts of the body and vital organs. One of the most common problems is leukemia..

Leukemia consists of the uncontrolled spread of abnormal numbers of blood cells. These abnormal cells infiltrate the bone marrow. Prevents production of remaining normal cells.and invades the blood and other body organs in Spain, according to the World Health Organization. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 5,000 people a year, including children and teenagers, suffer from this blood and bone marrow disorder.

The causes of leukemia occur in various types of cancer. That is not yet clear or certain. But some common characteristics have been detected between people with this disease and those who have the disease, such as genetic characteristics. Immunodeficiency in the body and outside and That health aspect They are not specific to a person. but also the environment and quality of life they lead.

Before taking a biopsy for diagnosis The patient’s blood will be analyzed.

Genetically. It is known that some people are more likely than others to have this disease in their blood and bone marrow, such as twins. People born from artificial insemination, etc. or those born to parents who have chronic, significant internal illnesses or in any of its organs, in the field of immune deficiency the focus is on the individual rather than the outside. Deteriorated health, such as those who may take drugs to treat chronic diseases People who have had other types of cancer before and/or had to undergo chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

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at External factorsOn the other hand, these are threats that we have around us all the time that cause internal damage. But in many cases we cannot control it, such as excessive solar radiation. Pollution in the city… and others that are negative habits that the person has acquired such as excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, lack of exercise…but as we’ve said before, these are just some of the issues that were found to be the same in the group. People with certain types of cancer or especially leukemia. But it doesn’t indicate anything. People with these characteristics may never develop the disease. And vice versa, others are not related to the above if abnormalities are found in the bone marrow and/or blood over time.

Symptoms of leukemia

To determine whether leukemia is developing or if abnormal problems are developing in your blood or bone marrow. It’s as simple as feeling like your bones and blood flow are not working properly.This is because it is possible that in this state your cells do not grow as quickly and normally as they should. The appearance of leukemia is a sudden process at first. It takes only three months from the first symptoms to the full development of the disease. Most leukemia patients show signs of loss of appetite before they know they have the disease. too tired muscle pain and night sweats. It is also very common for 50% of patients to develop leukemia. Bleeding through the skin before the disease develops There is no fact that proves such bleeding.

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In order to carry out a comprehensive diagnosis and know the causes and treatment of leukemia. (Like other diseases It depends on the person suffering from this disease. Specific patterns of development and health One treatment and another will be carried out). It is necessary to carry out a blood test to determine the level of affection that the patient has. When the patient’s blood is checked A sample (biopsy) is taken from those abnormal cells. Found that it helps us tell what state the blood and bone marrow are in. And what type of leukemia (chronic, hereditary, due to external factors or immunodeficiency) from now on there will be treatment only according to the patient’s condition and the development of this blood disease.

It has a 90% chance of success in the pediatric population.
It has a 90% chance of success in the pediatric population.

Leukemia treatment and prognosis

In this specific cancer The purpose of treatment is to kill cancer cells so that the body’s healthy cells can logically continue to grow. And allowing these two cells, the bone marrow, and the proper functioning of these cancers to occur. Blood flow Like most cancers The most common treatment is chemotherapy. and in the case of leukemia Although a bone marrow transplant is a high-risk surgery, But the success of transplant patients is almost 80%. According to a WHO study in 2014

he chemotherapy In leukemia it is very severe. This results in excessive bleeding and infection. This requires treatment with antibiotics and blood transfusions, which makes the patient very weak. The duration of treatment varies depending on the patient’s condition. It depends on whether the body accepts the treatment or not. And it depends on the condition that the disease will be detected once it is detected.

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Although leukemia is one of the most destructive diseases among the various types of cancer. But the truth is that its prognosis is extremely positive. As long as the disease is detected in time and not spread too much throughout the body. In the case of children between the ages of 3-7, the success rate exceeds 90%.and also in teenagers and people under 50 years of age. In people over 50 years of age, more leukemia develops in the body and healing is slower. But in most situations it can still be successfully overcome.

If you feel something abnormal in your body Your health changes or feeling weak for no apparent reason Go see your doctor for a checkup and check for any illnesses, especially cancer. It is very important to detect it in time. In order to cure the disease safely

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