Side Effects of Skin Care Trends Side Effects of Skin Care Trends

Skin care is very important for the skin. But some trends have really taken off in recent times. But some trends can also damage your skin.

Some beauty trends go viral on social media every day. It involves enhancing beauty using some product or another. But did you know that there are many skin care trends that can have a negative effect on your skin? In this situation Today, with the help of this article, we are going to tell you about skin care trends that can be harmful to your skin.

Dermatologist Kalpana Solanki from Dermatech Clinic gave Health Shots more information on this matter.

Skin care trends that are harmful to the skin

Wash your face often

You often hear people say that you should wash your face multiple times a day. But your skin doesn’t need to be cleaned that often. Washing your face multiple times a day reduces natural oils and results in dry skin. You can wash your face twice a day for healthy skin.

Steam your face

Steam helps in maintaining healthy skin. Steaming the face opens the pores and deeply cleanses the skin. But steaming your face every day can be dangerous. and may cause allergy problems

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Benefits of steaming
Steaming your face can be dangerous. Image – Adobe Stock

Using peel-off masks

Peel-off masks are considered useful for deep cleansing the skin. But it is not beneficial for all skin types. Daily use reduces the skin’s natural oils. Overuse can cause skin problems such as itching and burning.

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Using toner

Toner is used to keep the skin hydrated and hydrated. If used daily, it can be harmful to the skin. Toners available in the market contain high levels of chemicals which can be harmful to the skin. You can also use a natural toner such as rose water instead when applying rose water. The skin will remain moisturized and will not be afraid of any infection.

Face wax

Facial waxing is one of the most popular skin care trends to date. Nowadays, people are very popular with it. But this skin care trend can be harmful to your skin as well. This can cause itching, rashes, burning or allergies on the face. In this situation You can try shaving or laser hair removal instead if you prefer.

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This can cause itching, rashes, burning, or allergic reactions on the face. Photo: Shutterstock

Taking care of your skin yourself

Many home remedies are used for skin care. But if you try a treatment without thinking about it, It can prove to be very harmful to your skin. Such as applying toothpaste to remove facial hair or using chewing gum to remove blackheads.

In this situation Using it without knowing anything can have side effects on the skin. Therefore, before using anything, you should consult your doctor at least once.

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