Jane’s Muscle Progress, Relaxation, Meditation, Island Learn progressive muscle relaxation.

It is normal to feel tension in your muscles. Because of this, tightness may be felt in the muscles. Experts say that sustained muscle relaxation meditation is effective in removing muscle tension.

It’s normal to feel stressed. If your stress increases or continues for some time The muscles may still be tight. This can cause stiffness in the muscles. You can do something special to relieve muscle tension. We can also relax ourselves through meditation. One special method is progressive muscle relaxation meditation. Progressive muscle relaxation is a form of meditation therapy that involves tightening and relaxing one muscle group at a time in a specific pattern.

What is progressive muscle relaxation meditation?

In the 1920s, American doctor Edmund Jacobson created this unique technique to relax muscles. This is a type of meditation that promotes physical relaxation. Jacobson found that stress relief can be achieved this way. This not only relaxes the muscles. But it also helps relax the mind. Progressive muscle relaxation emphasizes a feeling of relaxation. When practicing regularly This technique can help deal with the physical effects of stress.

Method of progressive muscle relaxation meditation

Hold each area under tension for about 5 seconds and feel the muscles relax. When you do this exercise It is important to feel the tension in each muscle group and hold it tight. But don’t overdo it. You shouldn’t feel tight. Pain or pain due to this

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Here are some of the benefits of progressive muscle relaxation to the body. (Benefits of progressive muscle relaxation meditation)

Continuously relaxing your muscles can provide many benefits to the body.

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1. Reduce Anxiety and Stress (Progressive muscle relaxation meditation reduces anxiety and stress.)

Progressive muscle relaxation meditation can help relieve anxiety. A study in the Journal of Mental Health found that stress and anxiety disappeared in people with oral health problems. Researchers have found that this technique reduces symptoms of depression in patients. It is as effective as acupuncture in reducing feelings of stress, anxiety, and anger.

2 Helps you sleep better (Progressive muscle relaxation meditation for good sleep)

It relaxes the muscles. It may also help you sleep better. Experiencing high anxiety and poor sleep quality due to physical and mental conditions One group performed continuous muscle relaxation meditation for 20 to 30 minutes per day for three consecutive days. Group 2 lived a normal life. After three days, researchers found that those who had PMR had better sleep quality. PMR also helped mothers of premature babies sleep better during childbirth.

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Progressive muscle relaxation meditation can also help you sleep better. Image: Adobe Stock

3. Reduce Neck Pain (Progressive Muscle Relaxation Meditation to Reduce Neck Pain)

If you have tension in your neck or shoulders You may experience neck pain. This is a common symptom that is often related to mental and emotional stress. May help reduce chronic neck pain. It may also improve quality of life and bodily function.

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