Home remedies for oily hair Home remedies for oily hair

Hair looks good if it is smooth and shiny. while in winter Some people’s hair becomes oily and sticky. Not only is it difficult to take care of such hair, But it’s also difficult to style. When your hair is greasy and oily You will feel a little insecure about your look. So let us know why hair gets oily and greasy in winters. Moreover, I said (Home Remedies for Greasy Hair) How can it be cured at home?

Dermatologist Dr. Kalpana Solanki from Dermatech Clinic says that our skin needs moisture to prevent dryness. Oil prevents water loss from our skin which is released by sebum. Oil glands are located under our skin. These glands are found mostly on the scalp and face.

Greasy hair
Many times, using multiple products on your hair can make it greasy. Photo: Adobe Stock

On the scalp, these glands form along with the hair follicles. Sebum produces oil, which helps keep the hair and scalp oily.

These oil glands become more problematic when they start to produce too much oil. Excessive oil production can occur for many reasons, including gender, diet, age, weather, and genetics.

With these remedies You can treat oily and sticky hair at home. (Tips for getting rid of oily and greasy hair)

Shikakai is a natural cleanser.

Shikakai is often used to make herbal shampoos for hair loss. Shikakai is a natural cleanser. It washes away excess oil from the scalp and hair. Therefore, Shikakai powder can be used to wash your hair and remove oil from the hair and scalp.

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Shikakai powder can be mixed with sour milk to make a paste and apply as a shampoo. Using conditioner once a week will help relieve oily hair.

2. Neem opens the pores.

Neem eliminates hair loss problems. Neem is also used to treat oily scalp. Neem helps in opening the clogged pores on the scalp and prevents the scalp from becoming too oily.

You can use neem leaves in poultice form to clean your hair while washing it. It can be applied to the scalp and hair and then washed off with cold water.

Home remedies for oily hair
Home remedies to get rid of oily hair. Image: Shutterstock

3. Ritha relaxes the scalp.

Reetha is also considered very beneficial for the hair. Reetha has cleansing properties that help keep the hair and scalp healthy. It can also affect the hair and scalp. Reetha powder can be mixed with water to make a paste. Massage your hair and scalp with this mixture. Leave it for a moment and then rinse with clean water.

4. Aloe vera helps remove excess oil.

Aloe vera has astringent properties that help regulate the production of sebum, a natural oil produced by the scalp. By balancing sebum production It will prevent the scalp from being too oily without making it dry.

It has gentle cleansing properties which can help remove excess oil and dirt from the scalp. Opens pores and pores. Thus reducing the chance of oil accumulation.

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