Do cardio exercises at home. Do this easy cardio at home.

To warn of problems caused by weight gain

Do lunges to lose weight.

Do lunges to lose weight. Image: Shutterstock

Squat jump 2 times

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart.

Push your hips back and down. Keep your weight in your heels as you lower yourself into a squat position.

Now spread your legs while extending your hips to jump into the air.

Now bend your knees and slowly Return to squat position.

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Begin in plank position. With your shoulders above your wrists. A straight line from the shoulder to the heel.

Now lift your legs so that your hips are straight in the air and form an inverted V shape.

Bring your legs back to plank position and repeat over and over.

jump 4 tuck

Begin by standing, keeping distance between your legs.

Come into a slight squat position and lift your knees into the air towards your chest.

Now bend your knees and slowly bend them backward.

Continue jumping by repeating this position over and over.

Jumping jacks are required to care for your entire body.
Jumping Squats are very helpful in keeping your body in shape. Photo-Shutterstock

Raise your knees 5 times.

Stand with your feet together.

Kneel on one knee towards your chest. Raise your other hand forward.

Quickly put your foot back and lift the other knee up and the other arm forward.

Alternate with each leg as if you were running in the same spot.

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