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Difference Between Tumor and Cancer | health care online

Talking about a tumor does not always mean that cancer has developed. At Bekia, we will tell you the difference between these two concepts.

The National Cancer Institute defines a tumor as an abnormal growth in the body of excess cells. Cells in our body divide. forming new cells Old cells die to make way for new cells, but

This correct process of cell birth and death is not always correct.. Sometimes our body creates new cells that are not needed. and in other cases Aging cells also do not die promptly. When this abnormal process occurs And these special cells come together.

They form lumps called tumors.which may be benign (does not become cancerous) or becomes cancerous (Can cause all types of cancer) Difference Between Cancer and Tumor The definition (either benign or malignant) is that a tumor is a mass formed from excess cells. While cancer is a disease

In the case of benign tumors It appears only at certain points on the body. and does not spread to other parts In most cases Once the tumor has been treated and removed The tumor will not come back. When talking about malignant tumors

All notifications will be activated to start treatment to prevent tumor development. for the rest of the body In cases where the tumor has spread to different parts of the body (usually moving at a very fast speed), we will talk about spread.

A tumor is an abnormal cell mass that is not necessarily cancerous.

Cancer, the greatest enemy of humans.

According to the National Cancer Institute Cancer is the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells. It hurts our whole system.There are many types of cancer. Especially those that happen to important organs in particular. The causes of the disease are often very diverse. The medical cause is unknown. But common causes include excessive alcohol consumption, obesity, genetic problems. Bad habits, tobacco… The body, after being pressured to the limit. Many times I have suffered and

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One way to show that something is not going well is the appearance of these tumors.In principle, it is harmless. And as long as we catch them in time They don’t necessarily spread disease.

A 2014 study in the United States found that

The most common cancers in men are prostate, lung and colon cancer.. In the case of women The most common colon and lung cancers are also cancers, but in this case the main enemy of women’s disease, far from the rest, is breast cancer. According to the Spanish Medical Oncology Society, in Spain, breast cancer has overtaken all other types of cancer. In 2014, 32.2 percent of the population, both men and women, suffered from the disease.

cancer prevention

According to oncologists from around the world (as reflected in a recent study by the Spanish Ministry of Health) tumor prevention Disease (both benign and serious) and/or cancer is very complex. This is because in many cases symptoms do not appear. Patent until the disease is at an advanced stage. Moreover, because there are many types of malignant tumors and benign tumors and cancers.

Symptoms will vary.For example, some common symptoms that indicate the possible appearance of a tumor include abdominal discomfort, loss of appetite, yellowing of the skin. It’s difficult to breathe…

What the doctor recommends is At around 35 years of age or older, you can see your doctor for a general study. and can recognize whether your health is abnormal or not This is the best protection option. Tests performed to check your general health include an MRI, a complete blood test. and/or ultrasound and x-rays In the case where the pain occurs locally The tests performed will be more specific. In cases where the doctor detects the possibility of a tumor

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The sample is collected by biopsy. To analyze whether it is a tumor or not. And if so Is the tumor benign or malignant?

Possible treatment

If you already have cancer and/or cancer Continue treatment It’s always the same.Except only in the case of additional treatment as prescribed by the doctor.

Prostate cancer is most common in men.Prostate cancer is most common in men.

The most common are chemotherapy and radiation. The first option is to use drugs to relieve pain, control the disease, and eradicate it. As a general rule, different sessions are performed. (The number of sessions is determined according to the extent of the disease) where the patient takes the necessary medication to end the disease. By mouth and/or injection Chemotherapy is a difficult process. Especially because of the side effects (hair loss, physical weakness, vomiting, headaches…)

It is one of the most effective treatments to end this disease.A study in the United States found that in 80% of cases, patients who received chemotherapy were able to completely get rid of their cancer.

In the case of radiotherapy, it is radiation therapy. (usually X-rays) which directly affects the area where the tumor is. As in the previous case It will be a long treatment but

The number of sessions is determined by the extent of the disease. and the specific needs of the patient It is less severe than chemotherapy. But it takes more time and more sessions to remove tumors and/or cancer.

Nowadays, there are other alternatives to end the pain of this disease and itself, such as traditional medicine to complement the above.

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In any case, The doctor determines which option is most recommended for the patient.. If you have a chance or suspect you have a malignant or benign tumor. Seek medical attention as it is important to catch this disease in time.

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