Finding the Perfect Match: Zaroorat Rishta Unmarried Girls from Multiple Cities

Zaroorat Rishta

Finding the Perfect Match: Zaroorat Rishta Unmarried Girls from Multiple Cities

Are you a single woman looking for a life partner? Are you tired of the dating scene and ready for a serious commitment? If you’re an unmarried girl from multiple cities, the search for the perfect match can be challenging. That’s where zaroorat rishta comes in. In this article, we’ll explore the world of zaroorat rishta and how it can help unmarried girls find their life partner.




In South Asian culture, zaroorat rishta is a term used to describe a marriage proposal. It’s typically initiated by the parents of the prospective bride or groom and involves exchanging basic information about the family background, education, occupation, and other relevant details. The purpose of this process is to determine whether the two families are compatible and whether the couple would be a good match.


In recent years, the zaroorat rishta process has evolved with the times. Now, it’s not just parents who are involved in the process; many unmarried individuals are taking the lead in finding their own life partner. With the rise of online matrimonial sites, the process of finding a compatible partner has become more accessible and convenient.


Gender: female
Marital Status: single
DOB (Date of Birth)/ Age 22
Height: 5’7
Weight: 50kg
Nationality: Pakistani
Caste: mughal
Sect: sunni

EDUCATION: Masters in Urdu literature

now doing b b A

Father’s profession:business man
Mother: house wife

City: Rawalpindi
Area: Bahria town phase 8 Usman block
House: own/ rented:own
Size of residence: 8 Marla double story

Age: 28-30
Height: 5’10
Caste: no preference
Country: any
Profession/ Education: well educated/well settled
City: no preference

Name: *Saman Rani
2 : Gender: *Female
3 :Age: *24 years
4 : Height: 5 Feet 2 inches
5 : Marital status: Single
6 : Qualification: Doing MPhil in International Relations from Quaid e Azam University Islamabd

  • Bachelors in International Relations (4years) from Quaid e Azam University islamabd
    7: Occupation: Studying
    8: Caste: Malik Awan
    9 : Sect: Sunni
    10: Religion: Islam
    ‏ Family Background
    11 : No of Siblings: **5 sisters ( all younger sisters). *
    12 : Father occupation: *Finance accounts officer at Mari Petroleum Company limited, Islamabad.
    Mother occupation: HouseWife
    Requirements: Well settled, Well educated and good looking person.

1: Gender: Female
2: Name: Uroosa hina aziz
3: Age: 24
4:Marital Status: single

1: Qualification: , fashion designing course

  • cooking and baking course

1: Religion:Islam
2: Caste: Rana Rajpoot
3: Sect: Sunni

1: Home Own/Rent: Own house
3: Location: Gulraize 5 Rawalpindi

1: Father’s Occupation:Jewellers
Allhamdullilah landlords
2: Mother’s Occupation: housewife
1: Current City: Rawalpindi
2: Home Town: Rawalpindi

Gender: female
Name.. xyz
Age: 1992
Marital Status: single
Height: 5.6
Weight: 58
Disabilities: no Alhamdulillah
Qualification: MS project management
School: imcg.
College : Punjab college.
University: CUST Islamabad

Job/ business: PVT job
Income: sufficient
Religion: Islam
Sect: Sunni
Cast: Rajpoot
Home Own/rented: rented
House size:
Other properties:
Current city: Islamabad
Basically belongs to: Rawalpindi.
Nationality: Pakistani
Father’sOccupation: Major retired from Pak Army Passed away
Mother’s Occupation: Passed away
Brothers: 2
Sisters: 3 including candidate.

1: Qualification: BS International Relations
2: School: O Levels from Viqar-un-nisa
3: College: Global college
4: University: International Islamic University Islamabad

1: Organization:
2: Income :
ii. Family income.
3: Nature of Job:
4: Future Plans:

1: Religion: Islam
2: Caste: Cheema
3: Sect: Sunni

1: House Own/On Rent: own
2: Size: 8 marla
3: Location: Gawalmandi Rawalpindi
4: Other Properties If Any:
Own plot in DHA phase-II
Own land and home in village
1: Father’s Occupation: Tractor spare parts business
2: Mother’s Occupation: housewife
3: No. of Brothers: no
4: No. of Sisters. 3
5: Martial status: •Brothers:
•Sisters: 1 married

1: Current City: Rawalpindi
2: Home Town: Wazirabad
3: Location: Gawalmandi Rawapindi

1: Age Limit: less than 30
2: Height: 6 feet
3: City: Rawalpindi, Islamabad
4: Caste: Cheema, chatta, warriach, Gondal, Virk, Bajwa (any Jutt caste)

  1. Sect: Sunni
    6: Qualification: Doctor, engineer, business man
    7: Girl’s Residence After Marriage? Rawalpindi, Islamabad
    8: Any Other Demand:

Hina Murtaza
Height: 5.3
Age: 25
Complexion: Fair
Education: Doctor of physical therapy
Cast: Malik
Sunni Hafiz u Quran bhi ha
Education: Doctor, Engineer, IT professional, Army person or any other same ranked
Good looking
Sharif small educated family
Sunni deeni family is plus point..

Name: amna asif
Cast: Mirza/Mughal

Inter:Pre Medical
from punjab college

Education: currently doing Bachelors in (ADS psychology )from punjab college

4 sisters
1 brother.
1 married sister

Father :property dealer

Rawalpindi Asgher Mall Scheme

Name: Lt Aan kiani (pak Navy)
Age:25 years
Father: retired Army Officer
Sister:1 (Doctor)
Brother:1 (Offr in Pak Army)

1: Gender: Female
2: Name: xyz
3: Age: 30 years
4: Marital Status: Single
5: Height: 5.4
6: Weight: 54 kg
7: Disability: no
Also performed Umrah
Can driver herself.
Very intelligent and hard working girl. She cleared her all exams in 1st attempt. MashaAallh.

1: Qualification: FCPS part II recently cleared in Gynae and obs.

1: Religion: islam
2: Caste: Malik Awan
3: Sect: Sunni

1: Home Own : Rawalpindi

1: Father’s Occupation: District Food
Controller (late)Islamabad
2: Mother’s Occupation: Housewife
3: Brothers: 2
4: Sisters: 2 both married

1: Current City: Rawalpindi
2: Home Town: Rawalipindi

gender : female
Marital status:unmarried
Qualification:Mbbs from russia
School:fauji faoundation lalazar
College :APS
Home own:yes islamabad askari 14 father occupation :retired HR officer from KSA
Mother:retired army officer
Sisters:2 both are married
Brother;one studying
Home town.district rawalpindi

Name: XYZ
Gender: female
Height: 5’3
Age: 33
Material status: khula yafta after one month
Caste: Jutt/chattha
Religion: Islam
Sect: sunii
City: muridke
Education: Masters in fine arts (PU)
No of Brothers: 1
No of Sisters: 3
Married siblings: 4
Family details:
Father’s occupation: landlord late
Mother’s occupation: HW late
Rasidnce details:
Current city: Muridkey city
Home town: Muridkey
Current house: own
Size: 2 canal plus daira
Area: village
Agri land: 75
Age limit: 33 to 40
Cast: Any / Jutt would be best
Sect: sunni
Height: 5’8
City: open
Qualifications: Above Master or masters

Zaroorat Rishta Unmarried Girls from Multiple Cities


Unmarried girls from multiple cities often face unique challenges when it comes to finding a partner. They may not have a strong social network in their current city or may be hesitant to date within their own community. This is where the zaroorat rishta process can be particularly helpful.


If you’re an unmarried girl from multiple cities, here are some benefits of the zaroorat rishta process:

  • You’ll have access to a wider pool of potential partners, including those from other cities and countries.
  • The process is more formal and structured, which can help ensure that you’re meeting individuals who are serious about marriage.
  • You can set your own preferences and criteria for a partner, which can help you find someone who is truly compatible with you.


How to Get Started


If you’re interested in the zaroorat rishta process, here are some steps to get started:


  1. Determine your preferences and criteria for a partner. This might include factors such as age, education, occupation, and family background.
  2. Create a profile on a reputable online matrimonial site. Be sure to include accurate and detailed information about yourself.
  3. Search for potential partners who meet your criteria. You can typically filter your search results based on various factors such as location, education, and occupation.
  4. Initiate contact with potential partners who interest you. This might involve sending a message or expressing interest through the website’s interface.
  5. Once you’ve connected with a potential partner, start the process of getting to know each other better. This might involve chatting online, talking on the phone, or meeting in person (depending on your comfort level).


Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Is the zaroorat rishta process only for South Asian individuals? No, the zaroorat rishta process can be used by anyone who is looking for a life partner.
  2. Is the zaroorat rishta process only for arranged marriages? No, the zaroorat rishta process can also be used for love marriages. The process simply involves introducing two individuals who are interested in getting married.
  3. Is it necessary to involve parents in the zaroorat rishta process? No, it’s not necessary to involve parents in the process. Many individuals are taking the lead in finding their own partner.
  4. What should I do if I’m not getting any responses on a matrimonial site? It’s important to be patient and persistent. You may want to revise your profile or criteria for a partner to make it more attractive to potential partners. You may also want to consider reaching out to individuals who meet your criteria and expressing interest in getting to know them better.
  1. How can I ensure that the person I’m connecting with is serious about marriage? It’s important to take the time to get to know the person and their intentions. You can ask questions about their goals and values, as well as their views on marriage and commitment. It’s also a good idea to meet in person (when possible) and to involve trusted friends or family members in the process.
  2. How long does the zaroorat rishta process typically take? The length of the process can vary depending on a number of factors, including how specific your criteria are and how quickly you’re able to find potential partners who meet them. Some individuals find their life partner relatively quickly, while others may take several months or even years.



For unmarried girls from multiple cities, the search for a life partner can be challenging. However, the zaroorat rishta process can provide a structured and formal approach to finding a compatible partner. By taking the time to determine your preferences and criteria, creating a detailed profile, and reaching out to potential partners, you can increase your chances of finding the perfect match.

So, don’t be afraid to take the first step and start exploring the world of zaroorat rishta. Who knows, your life partner may be just a few clicks away!

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